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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by blackhatracing, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone has a link to 6e66o's Skybox pack or any other skybox packs any links I have found either dont work or they want money....any help would be appreciated
  2. thanks Lee......what a service you ask......you get......lol...again thanks a lot
  3. wonder if you could help I downloaded the sky textures and used the sky01(overcast4)and put it into my gtr locations for for my track and no luck,then I put it into the mas folder still nothing and then I tried deleting the skyboxi and replacing it with the sky01....black screen....was wondering if you or anyone has any ideas as to making the sky texture work in gtr evo?
  4. Sorry mate, Ive only ever used them with rFactor....
    I'll ask a mate that builds for Simbin tittles but someone else might be able to chime in here with a hint or 2 before I manage to catch up with him.....
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  5. thanks for that Lee meanwhile I'll carry one with the finishing touches to the track
  6. ebrich

    Premium Member

    I use BTB EVO for GTLegends so I dont know if the files are similar in gtr.
    In GTL the sky can be in a shared folder and is pointed to in the .trk file.
    I expect if it isn't exactly the same it may be similar in that you have to point to it .
    GTL .trk file has these lines -



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  7. thanks Ebrich I'll give that a go and let you know how I get on
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  8. I did not have any luck I moved files edited files threw out files......even pulled my hair out,,,still cant get it to work,there must be something I'm missing...so its cider and smokes for me and give my brain a rest....:)
  9. ebrich

    Premium Member

    In GTL the gmt & texturefiles have to be changed to .gtl (gtl as in file extension not as GTLegends) files whereas in Race 07 they stay unchanged.
    Perhaps in gtr they need the file extension changing.
    Talk about the blind leading the blind!!
    Can you give me a list of the files\folders inside your location\ track folder.
    I hear that bald is in now!
  10. Hi ebrich,just trying to clear my brain of last nights cider......lol...here is the list of folders/files inside my track
    folder mas
    moor aiw file
    moor.cam cam file
    moor.gdb gdb file
    moor.hat hat file
    moor.tdf tdf file
    moor.trk trk file
    moor_loading jpeg image
    skybox01 dds file (this is the one I'm trying to get working,I had it named as sky01 but tried a different name)
    I put it in my mas file....no diff,I deleted the skyboxi simed file but then it was a black screen and I tried various editing of my trk file pointing it towards the file.....no luck...:( I even used geditor to change the original file,put it in photoshop,alter colours then make it back to a dds and put it back in the mas folder....black screen again.....I have a feeling theres something obvious that I'm to damn stupid to see!!!!
    maybe I need more cider......:D
  11. ebrich

    Premium Member

    Files look very similar to race07. Thats where the good news ends unless there is a magician in the house as I tried changing the sky texture in race and no go.
    I eventually deleted all sky textures from the "track" texture folder and from the locations\ shared folder and still had sky in game.
    There is a line in the .trk file -
    There is no folder "skies_central" in the shared folder and deleting that line from the .trk file gives a blackout.
    Hair pulling time!!
    Changing the - skies_central for another folder ie skies, with sky textures inside also gives blackout.
    So I think I shall take up cider drinking aswell.
  12. much appreciate youre effort Ebrich I'll keep on trying and if I manage anything I will make sure and post it for all to see,but I dont hold out much hope......
  13. ebrich

    Premium Member

    Just been looking through some other tracks in race and in their ,trk file some have this -


    Spose " GENERIC TEXTURES" mean they are locked away some where away from stcky little fingers!
  14. yeah maybe they just wont let you change the skies?anything I change just results in a black screen.....frustrating...
  15. ebrich

    Premium Member

  16. I downloaded it and tried it.....no difference,the funny thing is it says to backup youre shared folder that resides inside locations....I dont have a shared folder,nor do any of my m8s and we all have upwards of a hundred custom tracks.....but no shared folder,I did make one and stuck them inside it but no appreciable difference....I give up....lol who wants different skies......lol :):)
  17. EDIT: i didn't pick up for what game are you trying to export. I bet it's not GTR but either GTR2 or Race07... But here's how things work in Race07:

    The shared folder in Race is hardcoded, you don't actually need it but it doesn't hurt of having it anyway. Apart of skies it also has the reflections and many many other hardcoded textures that we don't even know about (i would like to use hardcoded ads but SimBin hasn't released that info.. which is stupid since by releasing the ad names we would have ingame changing ads in addon tracks without the need to include them with the track...ok... back on topic..)

    The system works by first looking for the actual shared folder, if it isn't there, the game uses hardcoded textures that are arranged the way you see them in the TRK file beginning.. The folder structure is respected whether you have the shared folder physically or not, that's why removing the shared\skies entry from trk gives you empty screen. I can send you a copy of my shared folder, it has the full set of skies in it. I use that as a base that is copied to trackfolder, renaming it to Sky and inserting corresponding entry BEFORE the shared folder entry. Then it's just a case of replacing the sky textures with custom ones to get your own skies to the track. Just remember to respect the filenames. There need to be at least one sky texture of every type of conditions (day&dry, day&wet etc) and if you want variance, you can use multiple ones (renamed for ex DYRTEX000,dds, DYRTEX001.dds etc.) and the game chooses one from that list. Don't know what parameters is uses, like time-of-day or is it completely random, haven't figured that one out yet.

    The folderstructure in the TRK file tells in what order the game starts to load up things, once it find the first object mentioned in the instance list, it uses that and repeats the search from the start to find the texture that the object uses. Once it finds that/them it moves to the next instance in TRK file. All this is done very quickly, the code is well optimized...

    EDIT: Here's the shared folder, it's has already some custom skies in it but the main thing is to learn the filenames of those textures. DYTEX for dry day, DYRTEX for rainy day, SRTEX for sunrise, SRRTEX for sunrise rain etc..: http://Cream.Galleria.fi/BTB/Misc I bet the system works the same in GTR2, the mas folder that Race uses is just packed as MAS file. I remember that i had to change Alpine Hills GTR2 version because not all people had the Shared folder, i had to include it in the release.
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  18. Just curious Blackhat, which of the Simbin tittles are you trying to get different skies to work in again?:confused:
  19. thanks for the info ,I'll down load youre files and have a play about and let you know what happens