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Skybox - Background in RBR

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Rubinhofan, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Hi, I´m working on a rally stage, but how can I import a Background or Sky like the tracks in rfactor have.
  2. there is no way at the moment to import a sky box or a Background like Rfactor.

    you have to build the Background in BTB from terrain tool.

    i dont like to drive like i was flying, so i build the background, if you use a blending texture you can build prety and realistic backgroung.

    don´t give up.
  3. Thanks, so I have to create a vertical plane with the terrain tool at the outside of the normal terrain and use a background texture. Can you show me how your background look like ? A picture of BTB where I can see the modeled terrain and the background. It would be a big help.
  4. Look for GB Xpack, you can get some ideas from there or use it
  5. thanks Kytt, most of them are treewalls, but I it´s the same procedere.
  6. I meant landscapes as far scenery in GB XPack:)
  7. well, ok. In my case I have a track which is like Pikes Peak, so you only drive up. I will try it with the landscape technique.
  8. Yes, I´ve read this method and I try this one for creating the normal terrain, but if I save my project I only get a venue.bin instead of a venue.xml. What´s wrong?
    I´ve imported a kml-file, add the 10cm terrain at both sides and saved the file.
  9. Sorry, but you need BTB 0.6 if you want to use my scripts. BTB 0.6 used a text file called Venue.xml, but BTB 0.7 uses a binary file. I wrote this fact on the first line of the summary http://zaxxon.host22.com/2_1_Summary.html. Once you have the definitive road you don't need BTB 0.t and you can generate the terrain and continue working on the track with BTB 0.7

    May be you can install BTB 0.6 demo on another PC and you have two weeks to work with it...
  10. oh, ok I forgot this fact. Thanks zaxxon
  11. where can I get version 0.6 ?
  12. i have one, i can share if Brendom hasn´t any problem.

    maybe the license don´t work with BTB 0.6 and you need to uninstall the BTB 0.7 to get BTB 0.6 in your SO.

    i try to install my old version BTB 0.6.6 after unisnstall BTB 0.7 but it dosen´t work for me, becouse i had intalled it before and the license was espire.

    so today i´m afraid to waste a license trying to work with BTB 0.6.6

    acctually i have no chance to work with BTB 0.6 and XML data, but if i have to i will make a new partition with other SO to use the 14 days that demo version give to every user.