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Misc Sky Sports F1 Broadcast Logo 6.0

In collaberation with Commandz. Change the F1 2016 logo to any logo of your choice!

  1. Could u also add "RTL HD" pls? :)
  2. Yeah :D I would love too!!!!
  3. Chance for Fox Sports logo? :D
    Oh, can I put this mod in F1 2015?
  4. I wold love to do the fox sports logo :D Amd yes I would be delighted
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  5. But cam you please give credit to me?
  6. I mean can I use this for my F1 2015 game? :D I didn't say that I release this on F1 2015 modding section
    Damn, F1 2015 use assetgroup file.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2016
  7. Yeah :D Of course sorry I understood it in the wrong way but just sating it may not work :D
  8. When I saw it's not erp file, I know that it may not work :p
    Are there any ways for me to open the assetgroup file? @Petar Tasev
  9. i have this issue around all logos. Any help?

    Attached Files:

  10. Try making the resolution lower and if that does not work try a lower resolution
  11. sorry i have a 21:9 Monitor and i can´t set Resolution lower. i run in 3440x1440. Can you ajust it?