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Sky F1 HD 2012 Intro

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Chris Bull, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Here is the Intro to the Sky F1 HD for 2012 enjoy.
    This is my very first attempt and go at doing such a thing so rate many thanks Judasneon.

    Open your..... C:/program files/Codemasters/F1 2011/videos
    Back up original sting video file and replace with this one.

    Download the sting video here:

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  2. Yes it is, I hope that makes it better. Sorry like I said first time and had to get it right, now its all in there what to do, where to get it lol....

    Please rate or comment thanks.
  3. Very nice.
    The video indeed dashes, but after the 1st reading, if we wait, we find the video of codemaster.

    Good luck, after the update of my williams, 690 downloads and no one thank you.:eek:

    Sadden for my English
  4. @warok Im sorry what do you mean if you wait you find video of codemaster?

    does it play after the new Sky vid? if so then you have 2 sting files when you only need 1.
    Backup and take out the codemasters sting video.
    then it should be ok.? That is if that is what is happening?
  5. I replaced the file which you gave. I thus have your video ( sky ) in the launch then the video of codemaster. I just wanted to know, if it was normal.
  6. Happens to me too.
  7. is it the video that says F1 2011 right after the sky f1 intro?
    There are 22 video files in Video, 19 of those should be the race tracks.
    Then you should have attract, press_start and sting.

    I have added my conversion of the Sky F1 HD sting video and replaced the attract video from v1tek.
    I have also removed from mine the press_start.

    So I have the 19 tracks, attract and sting.

    I have changed my attract video with the 1 from v1tek link below.
  8. Great job, but what software you have converted the original video?
  9. I used Bink from radgame tools...