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Skins Sky Blue Williams 1.0

Sky Blue Williams

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  1. Where do i find the pit crew uniforms? So i can change them.
  2. characters/texturesets/2013 and find the appropriate one, in this case you will need the file which is the Williams's : Pitcrew01Williams_textures.pssg
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  3. Thanx w1n1x :)
  4. well for youre first try its not bad effort solid looking car
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  5. Thanx, :)
  6. Sorry to ask again, on the choose team screen in game, where are those team logos in the F1 folder?, thanks in advance :)
  7. F1 2014 main folder/ frontend/b_nonpersistent.pssg
  8. lol why the heck i get disliked xD i do not understand most of the guys here ^^ D:
  9. thanx w1n1x :), Phillip Koch some peeps just dislike everything :) lmao
  10. yeah seems so