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Skippys next season + tracks

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Lee Ross, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Just wondering the skippy season next time, will it use the same lineup of tracks every season? as i only need Virginia now and will buy it now if the next season will have the same lineup as this current season as i love the skippy.
  2. http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/1334895.page

    here is a thread about 2011 S1 schedule, no final schedule released yet but looks like VIR won´t be in since it had worst participation, last proposal looks something like:

    Free Tracks
    Lime Rock
    Summit Point
    Laguna Seca (to be replaces by Okayama)

    Long Tracks
    Road America
    Watkins Glen Classic Boot

    Medium Tracks
    Mid Ohio
    Infineon Cup
    Barber Motorsports Park
    Silverstone International
    Sebring Modified

    Short Track
    Road Atlanta Club (To be replaced by Suzuka East)

    S3 2010 and S4 2010 was identical in schedule, for S1 2011 there will for sure be big changes, better to wait unless you really like VIR and not just Skippy series related
  3. I was wondering about this as well, since I'm going to be going to the skip next. However I will have a set amount when I do, so it would suck to buy the car and all the tracks needed only to find out the changes and need to buy additional tracks as well...
  4. Thanks Dario, no VIR does not appeal tbh and next seasons line up looks quite tasty so far. I will concentrate on next seasons intead
  5. just don´t buy anything yet, wait till final schedule is out, btw this could be usefull while buying new stuff:


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  6. I saw that on the site about the free credits. What I may do is purchase the credits to get the extra and then leave them in my account until they release the tracks for next season.
  7. exactly, will take this offer and save credits till Suzuka, Ford GT etc is released!
  8. off topic slightly but saves making another thread but wtf is wrong with the guys once you get in the higher splits? I have worked my ass off today to get my iRating where it is and 2 of them races i have been wrecked by idiots. One guy literarlly see a small gap stuck his car and refused to budge and literally drove over me. Just then now in that race i just had, really impatient people who make stupidly ambitious moves and again i'm wiped out. Getting really tired off this now
  9. I've had that happen to me a few times. Just as an example in the Star Mazda race I was in today, I started 4th and going into turn one the guy in front of me slammed on the brakes and in turn I did as well but not as hard. I softly tapped him and didn't get any charges for it and went on our way and I was ran over from behind. The guy seriously went over me...lol... Luckly nothing happened to my car and away I went. for the first 18 laps there were at least 2 spun cars per lap, and finally I got lose on the hill and was about to save it and wamo I got slammed into. What I honestly think is going on here is that there are alot more people online during the weekend including "kids"... The not so great, cautious, caring, or whatever you wish to call them are out...lol