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Skins rip "WARNING"

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Doug62, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Hey guy's. There's a real nice bloke going by the name of GregMurphy51 posting up skins that he said he done at rFCentral. The trouble is the enduro one for Phillip Island are straight out of ORSM's 2011 season with the the L&H sticker pasted on them. He didn't even cover over the V8 Supercar sticker with them. You gotta love the heading! ""My Skins might not be the best but there better than nothen"" We'd recommend you don't D/L these as he's follow the naming format we use as well. The enduro skins are being done by ORSM and will over write these but if your not careful after ORSM has released theirs then these rips will over write the "right ones!" There are some on his profile that are his but after this and the fact that Mute and ESP are doing the 2011 Fujitsu series there worthless.
  2. thanks for the heads up Doug :)
  3. he took FVR's skins and put them on your template.
  4. Rubbish!! I D/L one and their "Not" FVR skins. And if this was true it's still not right ripping OzAndy's Mate's work and calling it yours!
  5. Cool so there's going to be an updated 2011 series
  6. but fine if you guys do it!

    Doug62!! guess you guys owe Oz Andy's Mate an Apology yourselfs then! Your painters have been helping themselfs to ads off his work as well! http://www.flickr.com/photos/68439394@N07/6226357444/in/photostream We both know his skins where out long before yours! check out those flags! 100% the same!!!!! Guess it's not right for any one else, but fine if you guys do it! That's some "Rubbish!!"
  7. Yeah I'll take that! I did PM Andy about the flags at FVR and just put them on to see how they looked while I waited for a answer. Guess I forgot about it. It wasn't the only skin I did. No excuse I know so yes I'm sorry.

    So it seam you think that what Murphy51 did was fine then?
  8. Thanks Drug for the heads up!
  9. Well i meant OZandy's on the FVR cars. and no its not right. and i had a look on his rFC page and he didnt even remove the V8SC logo
  10. I suppose the reality is people are going to rip your work Doug, like it or not. My only request gregmurphy51 (if you're reading) is to remove any reference to ORSM from the skins you edit before you release them. I don't want ORSM Fans thinking what you release has come from us.
  11. QLD and L&H500 are done, Bathurst is about 70% complete. Bathurst will be the last from me for this season.
  12. I dont thinck they are yours. He did the 2011 skins before you relesed your 2011 skins. so i think he used the ones he made earlier in the year
  13. Hammie, the few I opened are definately ORSM.

  14. The new bonnet that will be in the next update.
    I still haven't found any picture of this bonnet that can be used as a guide for the flags. I totally scratch built the flags that are now on the car but without descent reference I doubt it's accuracy.
  15. Soz gavin. i just looked and they do match the original ORSM skins
  16. It Says error
  17. He has removed them thats why. not sure why. but his photobucket account was for thegregmurphy51 fella. looks like he has also privatised his photobucket account ;)