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Skins on public servers

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by David, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Has anyone seen other people on the public servers with skins.the question is when i finally get into a private server will there be people who like me use skins?
  2. If you use custom skins no one will actually see this skin! If you paint your chevy in black all the other drivers will see the standart chevy skin except the other drivers have exactly the same skins in their CustomSkins folder.

  3. The dedicated server directory has a custom skins folder in it. Most don't bother to put any skins in that folder, so no custom skins on the server.

    I put all my skins in that folder as well so people can drive custom skins on my server.

    You have to remember that the car selection screen when joining a server is showing you what skins the server is offering, not the skins that you may have.

    So a server can have custom skins that you might not have, but you can still see and drive them because it's on the server. The other drivers don't have to have the skin themselves in order to see the skin. The server is hosting the skin.

    It's not like tracks, where everybody has to have it. The server can host skins that everyone can see without the other drivers having that skin on their hard drive.
  4. not good, skin are nothing online :doh:
  5. they are in replay! I always use the black and orange KTM skin for the E90. makes you car really stand out.....if only everyone else saw it :(