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Discussion in 'ARCA Sim Racing' started by Eric Martel, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. hi All

    skinpack include

    #06 Ingemar Petersson Toyota 2011, hauler, pitbox, helmet, driver and other materials
    #07 Rick Smith Ford 2011
    #1 Fredrik Arbegard Pennsoil Chevy
    #10 Amstel Chevy 2011
    #36 Caterpillar Chevy 2011
    #60 Bjorn de Hass Chevy 2011
    #88 Jocke Nilsson Toyota 2011

    SkinpackV8 Release here


    Remove older before install this 1
  2. I'll send my car tonight if it's ok.
    I've had some busy days but tonight I'll send it in.
  3. np Fredrik
  4. Fredrik I still have not received your car skin time is moving fast tonight if I did not get to be too late but the car you want it are the one you had on ARCA SIM Series, if yes i have your #1 Pennsoil chevy
  5. Yeah I know I forgot it last night. (doh)
    It's finished now but I'm not sure where too send it :S
  7. Did you get it?

    Edit: Guess yes when I saw the post, sorry for the delay! :)
  8. np Fredrik
  9. Cheers Eric