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Skinning Question

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Onno Naber, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Hi all quick question I am using Gimp to skin a truck for this game,witch DDS DX5 do I need to save the files in there are several options in gimp
  2. Dunno about Gimp as I use Photoshop, but in there it's DXT5 ARGB 8bpp interpolated alpha. Or that's what I use anyways.
  3. Thanks Jebus working now
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  4. .
  5. Iam not so talented in painting and i don't know if someone have seen my wish in the templates thread. So i asked her again,if someone would be so kind to paint the following Truck with the VW Template (without the cigar and the girls on the pics ;)).
    It would be enough to paint the color cheme without the sponsors and so (I love the cheme but no tobacco ;)). Here are more pictures from the Samba-MAN (scroll down):

  6. If no one have volunteered until next week I can give it a go. Can't do it right now as my back is pretty much busted and I can't afford several hours at laptop. Usually takes about a week to get back to shape. You can PM me a list of companies/sponsors you want for the truck, if you want any. And number too.
  7. No hurry and big thanks Jebus!
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