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Skinning for v8Stocks GSC issue

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by Darren Jason O'Brien, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Im trying to skin a few V8Supercar themes on V8Stocks.

    But when i go ingame the Standard template is still showing.???

    Im creating and naming the files as per the readme, but the skin is not showing

    What am i doing wrong,
  2. Probably something wrong with the .veh file. Maybe using the same number/team name as some original team.
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  3. Nup.

    Using a Number not used by AI and Team Name not on AI.. ??
  4. And in .veh file you've put the team name to both lines needed? It's not possible for me to open any .veh files atm so this is coming from the top of my head so can't remember exactly what's those lines called (lines are teamname and fullteamname).

    Also no obvious typos, I believe you've double checked? You sure you've saved with correct dds mode/settings?

    If these didn't help I can check it if you want. Pack your skin, .veh included, upload it somewhere and I'll see what I can do.

    Edit. Removed incorrect instructions + add line names.
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  5. the only thing i can think off is on the first line
    change to

    and the second line should read
  6. Nah, that's not the case. Most of the things in Windows world are not case sensitive. Those lines are ok. Nothing wrong with the .veh.

    I tested by opening Darren.dds in Photoshop and saved it with correct DXT mode and the skin showed in game. So check your DXT mode when saving,

    DXT5 ARGB 8bpp interpolated alpha for the car, cockpit and the windows

    DXT1 ARGB 4bpp 1bit alpha for the driver and the helmet

    Edit: I just realized that the Darren.dds didn't even open in Photoshop like .dds files should, more like plain jpg or similar. Did you just change the file extension to dds? You need to save your psd work as DDS (in photoshop Save as... -> .dds -> choose the correct DXT mode). Do you have NVIDIA Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop installed? You need that to save the files as DDS.
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  7. Oh Ok thought it was saved as a dds, I do have the DDS plugin but doesn't appear to be working > hmm.

    EDIT- got Nvidia plugin going. Saved the file as a DXT5 ARGB 8bpp Alpha. Started the game and Skin Showed.

    Jebus, Thanks HEAPS for the Help, prob didnt seem much but have kept my sanity for another week. lol
  8. Glad to be help mate.

    Don't worry I've had my share of those problems when started skinning. But it's not all bad, that's the way we learn.

    Nice skin you've done btw.
  9. This is the Final Version.

    Appreciate the help Jebus, now that Ive sorted it out, I'm going to do a few more.
    Quite enjoy skinning.

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  10. Just done another skin, all fine except,1 Issue i am having, The Windshield is blocked, what would i be doing wrong, Cant see out the front window in cockpit view ??

    Ill look at the other one Ive done the first one as that was fine. hmm
  11. Final JD skin looks the bomb Dagz!
  12. Probably alpha layer gone wrong somehow with the windshield. Or double check you don't have any layers visible that shouldn't be so.
  13. Not sure what im doing wrong, I look at the original templates, then save as the DDS DXT5 etc and save but then in game, same issue. hmm
  14. This is the View out my Cockpit, not sure what im doing wrong.
    What Layers should be visible and settings should the Window and Windshield be ??

    Attached Files:

  15. Send me the window psd file and I can check it. I'll try to find time to do it tonight.
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  17. Now I was looking at the files,

    I Deleted the Windshield file and went in Game, In cockpit view I was able to see out the Window ?

    But looking from the outside towards the car the window was blocked ?

    For the time being its fixed...Sort off.
  18. Is that JMoffatWindshield exactly as it was when you saved it as .dds? If so there's no alpha channels. That's why it's not transparent. I'll pm you the instructions how to make windows transparent. You need to add alpha channel to both window and windshield.

    Edit. Oh and btw, you sent me window template not windshield. But they both needs alpha channels. Window is for outside of the car and windshield is what you see in cockpitview.

    Edit2. Damn I just woke up and my mind is still at sleep. I just realized that psd you sent me is supposed to be JMoffatWindow not windshield so you have been using the wrong template for windshield. The one that have two parts for glass is window and the one with only one part is windshield. Hope this makes sense.
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  19. Yeah Have worked it all out. Mostly.

    Ive been able to have it so the Glass is Clear No Numbers or Sponsors which i think is better.

    THANKS HEAPS for your Help Jebus, Very appreciated and you have saved me from ripping all my hair out.

    Many Thanks.:thumbsup:

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