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Skin "Priority"..what is that priority value for ??

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Peter Kerényi, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. Hi!

    I am on a project to organize my downloaded skins by adding proper name, teams, number etc. I know of a method that if I rename the skin folder to be on top (when my folders are sorted by name), the sim will more likely choose that skin for AI. However I've noticed there is a "Priority" option in the JSON (I'm editing with Content Manager).

    My question would be what is that priority value for and if I can make the sim want to choose a skin for the AI more likely by writing there a bigger number?

    Also, would editing a vanilla skin JSON make problems online?
  2. Hi!
    If you use your renamed skin folders for offline gaming there are no problems.
    But if you delete the original folders of the Kunos skins and add your skins you'll get online mostly a white car because the server select the skins. Only the folder name is important for this.

    When you want to use custom skin just delete the files in the original Kunos folder and add your skins.
    With this method you don't have problems offline and online.
    In my opinion the JSON file is just for the UI and the driver names offline and its not important for online.
    I don't know how the priority value works.

    you do a steam check to verify your data your new skins will be are overwritten.
    So be sure to save your changed skin folders first.

    I hope I could help.
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  3. From correcting the Sauber C9 info and doing the Mazda 787B teams, I think it's the order in which they're displayed. If there's no priority set, it will follow by the team name or #.
  4. I think it determine the priority which skin will be selected when the car is loaded as AI.
    Meaning a skin with priority 1 will be in favour of a skin with a lower prority.
    But sadly i haven't read any Kunos documentaion about this, so this is more or less guesswork.
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  5. Thanks for the replies guys, it seems I will have to experiment with it when I'll have the time. I will certainly provide feedback.
  6. Okay, did some testing with the GT4 Porsche. Priority had no effect as far as I have noticed. The folder name list neither (e.g. if you call rename it _skin_05 it will be on top, but won't be chosen). The sim looks for numbers which are in front of the folder name. The newer cars from Kunos have skins structured like that, e.g. 00_clubsport, 01_cup_01,...
    If you want your mod skins to be choosen for the AI, you need to have a lower number there. I have tested a structure for the addon skins like 00000_axa_91, 00001_loeb_racing,.... In the folder sorting the 00_clubsport skin will be between them, but the sim will choose 00000_,00001_,00002_... The reason why I suggest five digits is that you won't get overlapping even with many many skins.
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  7. Thanks for testing and your report!