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Skin Issue

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Tim Brook, May 24, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    There's an issue with one of our team skins (AJ Racing), it's on the wrong car. I sent the wrong .veh files but have since sent over the corrected .veh files (the same day in fact). There has been an update since I sent them in yet they havent been included. I didnt receive a reply to the email confirming the skins were received and I believe that the team owner has messaged one of the admin team but is yet to hear a response.

    Has anyone got the fixed files or have I sent them to the wrong person?

  2. Hi,

    I received them on the correct email account on last friday, you sent them to the wrong email adress.
    they will be included in the next update.

    Please make sure you send files to the correct adress for future updates. (The correct adress is: fsrmod2011@googlemail.com)
  3. Ok, thanks. I've got 3 email addresses for FSR in my gmail. I must have picked the wrong one.

  4. cool
  5. Any news on when they'll be included?
  6. This is now the 4th request to have this issue rectified although we had previously been advised that it would be fixed.

    I probably have deposited more money into the coffers of FSR this season than most others here within the league...if this is the treatment you dish out to a major contributor I'd hate to think how others are treated....this really is a very poorly run organisation.

    Unfortunately too many leagues seem to be run by kids with no comprehension of business practises or ethics.
  7. As you may have noticed there were no carupdates for some time, simply due to my work schedule as I am currently the only one who has access to the simsync. I have seen my apartement for 1,5 days in the last 2 weeks. As soon as I´m home I will again spend time on FSR instead of working for 1 or 2 days but as long as I´m "on tour" I can´t spend much time.

    Money makes no difference in this organisation, everyone is treated the same way.

    If however your team first sends in wrong files and later sends the corrected files to the wrong email adress, thus produces extra unnesecary work for the Admins, updates can simply take a little longer.
  8. PM sent