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Skin help...

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by TheeUnderBrake, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. So I'm having issues with the shininess on skins once in-game. I followed steps from a user in a previous post and was looking for a little more explanation...

    "It sounds like a problem with the alpha channel… First you need to add the NVIDIA DDS plug-into Photoshop, I guess you have already done that. In the settings, select
    1. in Mipmap filtering: choose Filter type "Blackman" for best quality."

    From this point, I have done everything above. Below is where the confusion sets in.

    "2. MipMaps: always create 6 mipmaps for all car textures.
    Then, when there is an alpha channel in your image, save your dds as DXT5.
    (When there is not an alpha channel, you can use DXT1 to get a smaller image. But only the suits are like that now in AMS).
    Hope that helps!"

    Could someone explain this step a little more to me, I'm confused on where to create the 6 mipmaps for all car textures, to be fair, the whole statement confuses me.

    I'm also having issues with adding the skin in a new place, I'd rather not overwrite a base skin...

    Any help would be much, much appreciated!
  2. I assume you've installed the nVidia plug in correctly. This means that when you go to save your new skin as a DDS you will first get to choose the file name and where to save it like with any file and then when you select save you'll get a second window that has the plug in options that control how its saved.

    The first thing to do is at the very top open the drop down and select the types of DDS you can save as. You'll find DXT1 and DXT5 in there.

    When he says change the mipmap quality you want to select the option that says MIP Map filtering which should present a sub menu that has a dropdown that includes the Blackman option.

    For selecting the number of mipmaps created on the right side of the plug in menu will be a boxed off portion called MIP Map Generation and usually the default is for All and if you go to the drop down you can choose a number, in this case you can choose the 6 you're advised to use.

    Once all that is selected you can press save and the file will be saved with these settings and it should look good in game. That's again assuming you've got the plugin installed correctly.
  3. Awesome, thank you! And it looks great!
  4. Do we need this plugin with GIMP as well?
  5. Don't use gimp but I assume you'd need something like it.
  6. It's been a while since I've used GIMP but yes, if I recall correctly you'll need to download something to open and save your '.dds' files.

    I found mine with a bit of googling but never quite figured out how to save my alpha layers properly so I ended up switching to photoshop CC.
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