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Skins Skin Caterham Lamborghini v1.0 2014-10-24

First time Lamborghini join F1 race in 2014

  1. Pamela USA submitted a new resource:

    Skin Caterham Lamborghini v1.0 - First time Lamborghini join F1 race in 2014

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  2. again you've made a nice skin and creative design. :thumbsup:
    great work. :thumbsup:
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  3. Beautiful job!
    Very good replacement of a dying team :laugh:
  4. Nice job, Mrs :thumbsup: . Keep em coming. Nice to see that the other sex is interested in these kind of games too .( and of course in modding too )
  5. Thank you! More is coming :)
  6. Yes they have some problems but now at list we ride in real car :).Thank you for visiting my skin page!
  7. :) Thank you for visiting my skin page.You are excellent designer to.I did follow your work from 2013. More cars coming.....
  8. Well my 2013 cars aren't something to be proud of but thanks . Check out my 2012 ones . Those are the ones which deserve views because there were no limitations back then for the skins ^^
  9. Oh i will check for sure.I like to see new cars and I'm not big fan of regular design.I like some fantasy crazy designs. I will try to work some crazy design but this Codemasters 2014 design templates are big mess. When i buy this game i have high hope to see fresh something new in design but nothing comes thru.Same old stuff but this will not stop me from helping people who buy and play this game.
  10. F1 2012 has no limits. Your imagination can go wild there. Unfortunately I doubt anyone still play that game regularly
  11. I don't have that game and i'm kinda busy building my new F1 one web site plus working on two new formulas. I do have 2013 and this 2014. I love both games and play when i have free time.