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Sketchup to BTB Object Tutorial

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Biggles1212, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. Hi. Does anyone know where I can find a good tutorial for converting Sketchup objects to BTB. So far I've managed to get XPacker to accept my DAE file, but it's invisible in BTB. :waiting:I've made textures in Photoshop and saved them in DDS, TGA, BMP and Jpg. Somehow I've missed something.:starving:

    A detailed tutorial/vid would really help. Thanks for assistance.

  2. Have you mapped the textures (remembering their resolution needs to be powers of two, like 128x256) to the polygon faces?

    Personally, I take the objects through 3DSimEd first and do my texture mapping there.
  3. So far I've made some test objects in Sketchup and exported them as KMZ files.

    I renamed the file extension to a zip file and extract the DAE and texture files.

    The textures are 256x256 dimensions but jpg. The Xpacker allows you to load jpg, bmp, dds and tga and a few others. So after I've loaded the textures in the materials section, I zip the xpack to BTB. I've made an icon which works, but when I add the object in BTB, I can't see a thing.

    I'm trying to do it all with Sketchup and Xpacker using the KMZ files. I dont have 3DSimed and would like to do it all with Sketchup instead.


    OK Now I made a quick bridge in Sketchup and painted it using a brown color from the color palette.

    I then exported it to KMZ, unzipped the file and then added the DAE file into XPACKER and then sent it to BTB.
    It works just fine and is visible.

    All I need to work out is how to do the textures better.
  4. Sounds like you should be writing the tutorial for the rest of us! :)
  5. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    indeed! I just downloaded the Sketch Up 7.1 version combined with Blender. But after reading the quick tutorial buildings can be made much easier. The buildings in the, thus far released, xpacks are not enough to give my villages its own caracteristics.
  6. So far I find it really easy to make objects in Sketchup and then import them into Xpacker. Unfortunately I've only gotten it to work with the colors provided by Sketchup.

    I'm not sure how to put a texture on the models yet.

    Sketchup is awesome though. You can quickly create houses and bridges in a few minutes.

    I'll see what I can do.
  7. Alright I inished a little tut. A little something I did to help others down the path to new objects. I made a simple finish line banner and popped it into one of my favorite home brew tracks.:) I'm not sure where to upload yet so I'll upload it where I can and report back.


    Find it here



    I found a way to use the textures from Google Sketchup. If you use Sketchup 6 you can use the Sketchup Textures, just make sure when you export you use Google Earth 4 kmz and it will work just fine. Follow the rest of the instructions as per normal.
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