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Sketchup fence object - 70 images!!!

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ebrich, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. ebrich

    Premium Member

    I've made a photo match concrete fence in sketchup and I find that I have 70 seperate images to re-dimension before Xpacking. So I have used its image as twall instead but I would really like to know how, if its possible, I can make the original object without having the problem of spending hours changing image dimensions or at least cutting back on the number of images.
    View attachment Concrete fence01_.zip
  2. I notice that too.. I manage to cut down the amount of textures by:
    - Not using ANY of the sketchups own textures, always use your own, even if it is just plain color
    - Put the textures on a single face (2 triangles) and then start to edit the shape. I think that depends on object but i found it much easier.

    After those steps my material count decreased from 48 to 3.. Actually 2 since it had one unused, Frontcolor.. On another object it got from ~60 to ~8 so it does have a difference.
    Sketchups own plain color textures are the worst, every time you paint a new surface it creates a new material and then there's a LOT of duplicates and a bigger task in XPacker.. There could be another solution but this is the only one i could think of and if it works, don't fix it..
  3. ebrich

    Premium Member

    Many thanks Kennett will give it a go.