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Sketchup cars in Racer

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by ivaneurope, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. I want to ask if Google sketchup modeled cars can be used in Racer?
  2. Yes, i think
    you'll have to convert them to racer
  3. But how?
  4. I want to know the same question :)
  5. i don't know lol
    wich format are they?
  6. If you have SketchUp Pro, then you can export the model as .3ds, and later import it in ZModeler. However, the Pro version it's bloody expensive... 400euros.
  7. Use Simlab Sketchup importer for 3dsmax, then Some1's dof exporter I guess.
    You can use Trial version actually. ;)
  8. The only problem with using sketchup models is the fact that they are usually very low quality and have a lousy poly structure.

    Alex Forbin
  9. As I've found, not always true, My Bentley is from Sketchup. Its not an easy job though, and not all the polies will be the right way around (which was the case with the seats from the Bentley, hence why it doesn't have seats right now)

    I also found an old Alfa Romeo 8C, that I'm occasionally working on getting into Racer, but it suffers from the same issue as the Bentley, as well as some wheel issues.

    Basically you can get sketchup cars to Racer, but its not easy, and sometimes it not even worth it. I've used babel3d.com to convert them though, you can get like the first 10 free or something like that.
  10. I guess I should be more specific. The models that Sketchup creates are a bit of a mess when it comes to poly structure. Some models that are on 3d warehouse however are conversions and would be fine but a lot are also low quality.

    Alex Forbin

    P.S. The Bentley looks fine.
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  11. I've imported Sketchup vehicles into Blender, some good ones with lots of polies which as Harey said are a bit dificult to work with. Some are publicly shared and they are all free to download.

    Importing sketchup to Blender links:
    Import a Sketchup object into Blender
    Some people may find it easier to create a basic car mesh in Sketchup then finish it off in Blender, or create buildings for a track, etc.

    However there is a plugin for Blender that will allow you to import objects, and this is how you do it:

    In Sketchup once you are happy with your model go to: file>export>3D model

    Select Google Earth (*).kmz as the export type (not Google Earth 4)

    Click export.

    Download the Blender Import Script kmz_ImportWithMesh_Z019 (right click save as):

    or go to this page and download it:

    save it in your blender \Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts folder as "kmz_ImportWithMesh.py"

    It's a python script so you need to have pyton installed. You can get it from "http://www.python.org/download"

    Load up Blender.

    In the File > Import menu item there will now be an Google Earth 3 kmx option

    Select that and load the .kmz file you exported from sketchup.

    The object will probably need to be scaled.

    Thats all folks. I tried this with a couple of cars from the Blender 3D warehouse, Use Google to find the 3dwarehouse which is now Trimble 3Dwarehouse.

    If you read the terms of service, any objects in the 3D warehouse are free to use and modify:

    Which means you could take an object, such as a car or building, and modify it for use in racer.
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  12. I'd like to see my version of Porsche 917 in Assetto Corsa but have no idea about converting and stuff like that. If someone is think that this car is worth of that and willing to try to insert my model in the game ... I will be grateful to him.

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