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Single Event options screwup

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Thomasew, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    Since yesterday's patch, .. the Event options seem to be screwed up .. :(

    e.g. 1. setting Race Length type to Laps has no effect, .. races still run in Minutes
    2. setting Start Mode to Rolling Start has no effect, .. races are all Standing Start

    Not sure about other options on the right, as I don't use them.

    However, I do wish they would make all the event options persistent, .. so, that I don't have to change them every blinking time I want to race. Race Length Type and Start Mode .. were persistent prior to yesterdays patch, .. and now, not only are they no longer persistent, .. they don't even work at all.

    I don't use practice or qualifying times, .. so, I'd like to set them to OFF, .. and for them to stay OFF.

    I don't know who is testing the patches over there at Sector 3, .. but they really need to shape the hell up.

    As much as I look forward to new features and content in Raceroom, .. patching always ends up being a bit of a nightmare.

    Last edited: Nov 26, 2016
  2. I think it's only the custom preset that's a bit bugged right now, but it should work correctly when choosing a DTM or a ADAC GT Masters preset even if you use other cars.
  3. I noticed the same problem earlier when trying to make a 5-lap race, it gave me a 5-minute race.
  4. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk
    Sector3 Studios


    This should be fixed now. Can you guys check and let me know?
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  5. @Sonat Ozturk
    Its fixed. Just the first time you must change the minutes for practice and qualify because when it is at default, 5 minutes, it see it as OFF.
    When you set it to your liking its working and the rolling start as well.
    Now lets move to the connectivity issues :)