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WIP singapore

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by ammods, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. ok since my good friend and mentor @Mr Whippy has suggested it, this is a place holder for singapore
    I will post pics as I get time to do it, this will be the codemasters f12010, now I know how you feel about conversions of "official" 3d models I wont be releasing here, however if anyone wants it, it, i'm sure we can work something out.

    watch this space,

    there will be other tracks, but this will be the one's im focusing on at present.
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  2. Great idea!! Sure you can PM me if you want to host in another site :D
  3. i'm not sure where to go with this track because the fences are going to cause a HUGEEEEEE frame rate drop, the only other thing i could think of is, to have an "open world" thing going on, unless i can find a way to reduce the poly count, anyway i'm still constructing, at present around half the buildings are on, and it's giving me 80-90 frames a second and i've got a 2gb amd video card...so either tthis game cant handlte large amount of buildings or my card is rubbish, i paid good money for it, and other games work great and give me excellent frame rates...
  4. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    That's pretty typical for Racer, it's still in constant development so it's not exactly well optimised in this sense lol.

    Have you checked other tracks for their fence model? Chances are it's just a flat model with a decent translucent fence texture. Either that or a low poly tree wall perhaps?
  5. what i'm gonna need to do is reduce the poly count in each fence piece. my yas marina track has much the same problem because there are more buildings and they need to be reduced, but not so much that they look bloody horrible...i dont entirely understand how to do LOD's as yet so right now so i'm only doing one LOD. i had considered going to a lower LOD and quality track, but decided if i'm going to "eventually" release a racer track it had to be aesthetically pleasing and high quality..right now i'm still learning everything so it may take a while yet...
  6. Feel free to show us some fence wireframes/textures etc...

    I worked on some generic fence textures that work well, with a custom PBR shader set too, and FPS here are great using them.

    I'm assuming the FPS hit is because of fence poles maybe? Are they geometry objects?

    There is no reason why fences should cause any significant issues in my experience... unless there is something in the ATI/AMD shading that makes them particularly slow?!

    Bit busy today still, and generally for a while, but I'll try help with some videos of what I do and what looks ok :D


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  7. thats fine, with the busy bit. with this track, the fences arent a huge problem after installing around 4000 pieces of fences last night (i attached them in max and exported them) my frame rate dropped to around 20 frames a second. what i think i need to do is go through the whole track, buildings and such and reduce the amount of poly's over all and see if that helps, it maybe that this game and my vid card dontt agree with one another, i know that the latest version isnt compatible with my vid card. and if this keeps up i'm not sure i will be able to support racer, which is disappointing really. it's a great game..and has alot of modding capacity.
  8. Erm, so how many polygons exactly are your fences?

    In theory lets say you have a 5km perimeter and 4m fence panels, and a fence at each side of the track, that's 250 x 5km x 2 tris x 2 sides = 5000 triangles, reverse side is another 5000 triangles, and a shadow caster special model = 10,000 triangles fences, 5,000 triangles shadow pass.

    There is no reason that Racer can't crunch through that in two passes without breaking a sweat.
    Your average car is more like 10-20 shaders/passes, and over 20k polygons!

  9. in total all fences are 355000 poly's, hence the reason i need to reduce them down by ALOT. and now racer decided it doesnt like my sky dof, this is getting really annoying. 2 days ago i had a monaco track in, it was workign fine, yesterday it stopped working and crashes racer..getting a bit sick of this
  10. Jeez that is high poly fencing haha!

    Does every piece of fence have a post associated with it? I guess it does.

    The issue here is all about managing the draw calls and setting good LODs etc imo.

    The standard Racer toolset doesn't really do anything to help in these situations but if you want to really crank up the details and stuff you need to begin managing these things manually.

    I'm sure if you did the exact same thing in the AC tools for example, you'd hit the same problems.

    Like I said, I've done conversions of rFactor stuff before. Pre-optimisation on my old GTX275, about 25-30fps. After optimisation, about 100fps! It makes a big difference :D