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Singapore Track version

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Dian Kostadinov, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone. This is one version of the track, recorded by a driver from Bulgarian Simracing League.

  2. It is better, but is that a legal version?
  3. No, it isn't. Codemaster's track.
  4. Let's drive on **** then legal ****...
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  5. A driver without hands and steering wheel on his car laps 1.45 in Singapore. At night! Now that is amazing.
  6. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Speaking of the track version, I don't mind as long as the anticuts and T10 are taken care of...
  7. This is Bulgarian champion Hristo Itchov who won last year championship. So who cares whether he is with hands or not, i was showing the track, which is made very good, but now I understand what is the problem :)
  8. I think they chose the track before they told us we'd race there. I just hope it's some different version than the one that was used some years ago...
  9. There aren't more versions. As far as I know it's a updated version (textures) of the 2010 track.
  10. That's why it sucks.. ISI long time ago has stopped working to develope rF1 they are concentrated to make rF2, so why we have to be punished to drive on **** tracks which are very old like layout. Since 4-5 years I haven't see any differences any updates for the track, they are the same.
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  11. The track isnt that bad, but the kerbs should be moved, if we reposiotion the kerbs its ok and fine. its a track which the race line is limited by kerbs so shouldnt be that hard.
  12. The only reason nothing ever changes to the tracks available in rFactor is because noone out there is bothering to sit down for a few hundred hours to properly update or rebuild all the F1 tracks. I don´t think many people are even close to knowing how much work it is to build a new track or even update an old one. And then everyone just uses the 5min conversions from Codemasters anyways, so why bother.
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  13. Many people retired from FSR and rF1 and one of the reason is this. We are waiting rF2 from 2-3 years and I'm very pesimistic that and next year will move to it. I know ISI are allowing us to use only legal tracks, but when they are not releasing rF2 and there is nothing new about circuits more and more people will left, also there is almost nothing more to upgrade about the physics of the car. We have touched the limit since 2-3 years make little changes just to change the things from previous year.
  14. ISI doesn't care if we use legal or illegal tracks. Racedepartment does.

    And rFactor 2 was released more than one year ago, I don't know what do you mean by "not releasing rF2".
  15. Beta game for me means a half completed game. Explain to the people who have no imagine, why RD has a rule to use only legal tracks.
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  16. It hasnt been in beta for a while now. But i agree, even though its not beta anymore it still feels like it with all the bugs it has.
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  17. Guys can some fix the dirty zone in the singapore sling? When youu pass out there the car starts sliding heavily
  18. It's not beta since 2013. About the second question, because it's not legal to use content from other games without permission, period.
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  19. One more question.. Why FSR is related with RD? Can't be FSR an independent league.
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