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Singapore GP ( not yet released ! )

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Patrick van Driel, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. hi pat, if the track is available do we a night race like real f1?
  2. Hey Jens, well if it is possilbe yes. But i think a night race will crash some Videocards :p We will see if the track is ready in time.
  3. anyone get this track? where?
  4. No sorry not released.
  5. I have one

    SINGTEL Singapore GP (47 Mb)

    It is not so good, but it's something
    If someone interested, I can upload it or so
  6. Please dont ,we only support legal conversions or creations.
    If it is legal plz pm the link to an admin so we can check that before posting.
  7. There is a version converted from F1C for rFactor which is on VirtualR.net , so if it's on there it should be legal.
  8. :D
  9. Looks greater than the last one....
  10. pls, may you say us, when will be ready? and what is the status now?
  11. Check the link in the top post, The track is not ready to be released.