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Tracks Singapore GP Modern DRS 2016-09-17

Rfactor Modern version of Marina Bay for AMS

  1. Paulo Gomes submitted a new resource:

    Singapore GP Modern DRS - Rfactor Modern version of Marina Bay for AMS

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  2. Hallo
    Thank you for your work.Are you making another Tracks for AMS?
  3. Hi Hotty, thank you for your words, but non of this is my work. This probably the best version of Marina Bay available for Rfactor, and was done WCP - Series , I simply changed some numbers in the files to have a functional modern layout with drs in AMS. WCP - Series are officially moving to AMS, so there is a bright future for f1 fans.
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  4. Good job man, great track! Also, I'm new to AMS so I was wondering where can I find those F1 liveries?
  5. @bobthecow you can donwload the skins pack's for the original reiza models in extremefactor.es, they have skin packs from different years of F1, or donwload the f1 rss automobilista mod, that uses reiza original physics but with 2016 real models.