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XB1 Singapore GP: 20:00 GMT (9pm BST) - 10/18/15 - Prac/Short Qualy/50% Race (No Assts)

Discussion in 'F1 2015 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Rob, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    Singapore Grand Prix
    F1 2015 by Codemasters
    9pm BST
    This race is part of an ongoing series of races that will follow the 2015 and 2016 seasons, with a summer break to run some 2014 races on the F1 2015 platform. Although these are "club" races so as to be informal and less stringent on attendance, separate Championships will be scored for the remainder of the 2015 season, the 2014 interlude, and the bulk of the 2016 season start. Individual drivers only. Our aim is to re-live online the race we just watched, play the game in the most hardcore manner possible, and have fun. There will be bugs and glitches for sure, but things will get better with time hopefully.

    Invite/Party Chat: 9pm-9:15pm BST / 4pm EDT U.S.

    Start Time: 9:15p BST (or shortly thereafter)
    Host's Name: OctoberDusk06
    Weather Setting: Actual Race (conditions that were present for the most laps of the actual race)
    Track Selection: Singapore Road Circuit
    Car Selection: 2015


    Premium Members Only: No
    Participation: 15 min. Practice / Short Qualifying / 50% Race
    Car Assignment: First Come, First Served
    Car Performance: Equal

    Rules and Flags: Realistic
    Car Damage: Realistic
    Traction Control: Off
    Brake Assist: Off
    Driving Line: Off
    ABS: Off
    Driver View: Cockpit Only

    Signing Up To This Race

    Reply with the following details -- Name / Gamertag / Car Preference


    1. Robert Waddell / OctoberDusk06 / Marussia
    Replays are encouraged and penalties will be largely game driven, but the Forum Code of Racing Conduct does apply.
  2. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I've bought your comments re this track over here from the Russian thread ;)

    I so love this track.. always have for some reason. Haven't been around it yet other than a couple of Time Trial laps but even from those I can tell it will still be up there among the tracks I enjoy the most. No better feeling that getting in a rythm and putting in some consistent laps at this circuit :thumbsup:
  3. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    Yea, I think this place is kind of a love/hate track. I am not in the love category. And rhythm is the last think that's going to happen to me. Maybe we can put some "easy" A.I. in? lol. At least then I'll have a rhythm of around 1:58 a lap and have a chance of keeping up with someone. It's really just the last sector mostly. Or, rather, those two tight left handers that are fairly close together toward the end. The second one you really have to slow down for, but I always go in too hot. Maybe the trick is just to have 2nd ready and creep around until I can pick a point out for a reliable turn in, but it's difficult with all the look alike stuff. There is some decent runoff (barely...more like a strip of curbing that you *can* go wide of :O_o:) on the first, but not the second. I always hit the wall there or sometimes it's just getting the 23,434 turns mixed up. It's like the Nordschleife on crack. lol.
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  4. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Don't forget Robert, as mentioned previously this weekend I am not sure I can make a race. Haven't had a race free weekend for some time now which wasn't the plan after finishing the F1 league so there's a fair chance i'll be taking a break from it and catching a movie with the missus.

    I think a decent lap is around 1:46(ish) although not sure what the AI are setting. I don't mind those two turns, the last one is more a case of trying to keep it smooth and not losing time rather than any danger from the walls and I think i'll be taking it in second anyway, I always find I can be quicker that way through the slower corners and just am more careful of controlling the throttle to avoid any wheelspin and unneccesary tyre wear.
  5. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    Good point. I'll just cancel it. If you can give it a go for sure, let me know, and we can have a try. Otherwise, it's silly for me to try. I have not heard from Eric.
  6. Is this happening still?
  7. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Just done my first half dozen laps in GP mode with a 1:46.7 as my best.

    @Robert Waddell @mcnasty1 Actually find those corners in the final sector easier this year than before... more fun as well for me as they seemed tighter in previous years. More down force needed for yo perhaps?
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  8. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Don't think so by the looks of it. Wasn't sure i'd be racing but as I didn't get a run last night I popped 9n to check out Singapore and thought Rob and Eric said on the pCars thread they would go for it.

    What do you think of the track this year?
  9. Well Eric is online and not really had a run out around here yet so be fun to see.
  10. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Actually just lost connection to XBL... how about you?
  11. Im still online. Just practicing for my league race tomorrow. They probably think it's 10pm again
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  12. I think may be correct here Peter :laugh:
  13. Im going to say this isn't happening. Eric ignored my message so shall continue with practice :)
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  14. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Fair enough... i messaged too but think he's watching a fim or something. Maybe we can slot it in during the week. The little practice I ran was handy for my offline championship race so all good :thumbsup: Good luck in your league race tomorrow. What league is it again?
  15. XFOC - Runs Monday & Wednesday's = realistic setting at 8pm. If in the Junior series = equal setting then 7:15. You can partake in both.
  16. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    How's it going there... good bunch and good grid size? Any problems with the game online so far?
  17. Yeh seem a nice group of guys & girls all very quick too , Seems to be atleast 10 most races , Only issue was brazil where ferrari got full fuel in qualifying but that's it.
  18. mcnasty1


    Sorry guys I never received a alert for this race ..I thought cota would be next week..strange im supposed to get email alerts.this is the first ive seen of it..shame I like singapore..was watching football so I didnt see messages
  19. mcnasty1


    Im totally down with this next weekend.il be sure to check during the week...man im pissed I missed it
  20. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    Yea sorry guys. Just checked this but I was on line and didn't get any messages so I thought this one was not happening. Eric was nowhere to be found, as I was very busy too, and nobody else game me a definitive answer. Family was here, but I could have cut them off if I had to, but there jest didn't see any burning desire to run here. Peter, I thought you were out? Eric and Boothy, I didn't see a signup or a definite yes. Matthew, I think you said kinda sorta maybe in the pCARS race.

    I have no issue running this week. I fact, maybe I'll check your league out Boothy, but I'm not sure I'd be fast enough considering you are labeling people as "fast" lol.

    This game baffles me. Not the game itself, but why no love? I'd be excited about F1 2013 *if* this game didn't blow it away and multiplayer was proven to be game related when not working, always. I have no idea. But I was not able to get on line last night with Forza, so I know that's not game related. Live was having issues all last night over here. I came beck up sometime today I assume?

    Hey, by the way guys, Forza6 is getting better for me at least. Much better. Some hidden jewels in it, like the 1976 Lotus that we ran at Brands. And the 1949 Lotus we are going to run at Silverstone. I tried the 1976 version and I must say it feels more planted (if you can believe that, but I swear setting my steering to "normal" has made FM6 so much better for me) and more detailed, of course. The sound is not as good, but it's good enough. The turbo is there, but not as pronounced. Sort of like F1 2013. And, of course, the grids are huge and multiplayer, when Live is working, is unbreakable. Hard to say whether it's the steering setting that magically helped me and the TX, or if better physics are built in, but also hard to imagine it's the game since it was just as disappointing until I found the right settings. Kind of like pCARS in that regard.

    Anyway, I love F1 2015 and will play it anytime. I think I have made that clear. I just need some definite sign ups to break up a day. I'm down for whenever you guys want to run. And if
    @Peter Hooper @Matthew Booth @mcnasty1 - if all or a couple of you think a league would fly if we followed the schedule (or even followed it with fillers or followed it after another league was run this winter) when the season starts, I think that would ramp up interest and I'd be in. I think the league has to come from someone like Peter or Boothy, both long time F1 veterans. Or the other guys have to suddenly realize the game does not suck. lol.

    Otherwise, we can game on. If a weekday is going to happen, please let me know. I can usually make that these days, but Tuesday of this week is probably out. That's it.