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SimXperience motion kit: Rear traction loss

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Holtech, Jul 21, 2014.

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  2. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
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    I believe that you're looking for a G force experience when losing traction, not a motion detection.

    Your butt should feel like its being compressed on the left side in a right hand corner, with limited movement shouldn't the seat be travelling to the right to get that done?
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  5. My brother has a SimExperience stage IV simulator. I can tell you that there's no single specific setting for rear traction loss, it depends on the game and your preference. All of that is editable though in SimCommander per game. That being said, I've never had any complaints with how it works. When dialed up, it can move around a LOT if you're actually breaking traction. There have been times when I thought it wasn't working when the truth is, I was driving so smoothly that I wasn't losing the back end but once I got aggressive and started throwing the car around, the rear traction loss can really come to life. That being said, As Dennis stated above, you may be after the GS4 G-Force seat if you want to experience simulated G-forces. It works pretty well. Its not totally convincing to me but its better than nothing at all.
  7. Thanx for your info bikout....I've just hooked the motion up so the first thing a hardcore racer is going to do is hold a slide into the first corner to c how it hangs out....;)...so if there r no directional settings for traction loss I might just try reverse the solid mount on the opposite side.....quote...." If it's running lean it's running mean ". :thumbsup:
  8. @Holtech

    On my brother's Stage IV, the actuator base mounts on the right side of the chassis and the piston of the actuator mounts in the center of the chassis.
  9. Cheers mike, I've noticed faro06 is running his the opposite way to simxperience, I hav message him to see why, hopefully he will get back to me, but it's all good, once u hav tryed motion there is no going back
  10. Agreed, motion changes everything. If you havent tried R3E with motion, you really should. No tweaking at all with Simcommander, it kicks ass.
  11. What is R3E mate, I'm on iracing and loving that
  12. RaceRoom Racing Experience. Its free to play, developed by Simbin. You can purchase more cars and tracks if you want, but the free version gives you a few cars and tracks to play with. Give the hill climb a try in the BMW Judd.
  13. Cool will check it out, so it runs threw sim commander, so all motion works?
  14. Motion and simvibe work great even with no tweaking.