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Sell SimXperience (custom) Sim

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Marketplace' started by Vito Lombardi, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. This is a preliminary notice and may be withdrawn ... so while it's the best option for me right now if not sold by a due date it will be as I said withdrawn from sale.
    Due to downsizing my home and a major lifestyle change reluctantly I need to sell my Sim. I hope to see myself returning to sim driving later in 2016... I hope, but now for practical terms it's simpler to let it go this way.
    I offer full support to dismantle and setup to the new owner, but obviously this can only be done if you live in Adelaide. There are just too many options to list, so the best way is for serious and genuinely interested parties to approach.

    It's replacement cost would be close to $40,000. This is not including any personal labour and custom fabrication ... only materials. Just within the last 12 months an upgrade to value of $8000 was spent which Includes modifications to the steering wheel not seen in pics.

    This is a complete Turn Key setup. approx 5 years old although some components are relatively new as it's been a WIP from day one.
    Hardware as follows:
    SimXperience Stage 5 Series Simulator with traction loss & Vibration
    3dof actuators system tuned to preference for best immersion
    No Noticeable experiences of lag.
    i7 960 (3.20Ghz) not overclocked but plenty room for doing.
    MOBO: Intel X58 Chipset - (Gigabite GA-X58A-UD7)
    CASE: Gaming Tower, ThermalTake Armor+ Aluminum POWER: 1000W
    MEMORY: 12Gb (Corsair Dominator) HARD DISK-Western Digital ( VelociRaptor )
    VGA: Sapphire Vapour-X Radeon 4gb not over clocked but capable
    example Frames per second:
    rFactor 1 full grid 28 cars+: up to 200fps
    IRacing : practice mode: up to 185 fps
    rFactor 2 : too many variables here : experiences between 80 to 160fps
    Assetto corsa : experiences: up to 180fps
    Game stock cars: similar to rFactor 1
    AUDIO: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium 5.1 surround + on board sound
    9 Bass shakers (Vaf research)with its own 5.1 500w amp and 150w sub
    Logitech Z550 5.1 surround sound system with remote control
    Custom seat belt tensioning system
    Cannon Sim Tech (CST) Pedals
    Leo Bodnar servo 16nm attached to genuine Woodward collapsible shaft and quick release system (custom fitted) Just over 12 months from new
    Sparco steering (Craig Lowndes) 16 button with Gt3 BMW paddle shifters (customized by Hybrid Racing Simulations)
    V8seq Gear shifter by Five Star Simulations
    Sharp Aqous 3x46" HD Tv's in Eyefinity 1080p with game mode
    no noticeable experiences of lag
    Acer 18" 4th monitor for independent sim data control
    Led lighting, DSD button box, Microsoft mini wireless keyboard and mouse
    Velo race seat (Australian made)
    O/S: Windows 7 64-Bit Thoroughbred tuned for gaming.
    All wiring fully integrated through independent control box leading
    to circuit protection board.
    O/S: Windows 7 64-Bit
    Sim Commander 3 , Simvibe and heaps of race sim games/software

    most recent video... Driver being Tony, RD member , aka Octane , great friend.

    and some others:

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  2. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    That's one hell of a setup :)
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  3. Thanks Bram. An emotional time for me having to let it go ... the transition of moving house would mean I need to dismantle and place it in storage for a while .. I'd rather dismantle and set it up over a weekend or two in a new home ... go on a long holiday ... build another when I get back .....
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  4. Can't possibly imagine how that must feel man. My set up is not even a fraction of yours and I don't know how I'd give it up...

    Hope you get what you're asking for. Or that things change and you get to keep it.
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  5. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    Screw it, just install a microwave and live in it.:thumbsup:
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  6. Thankyou for your comments. As you know there is lots of talk in regards to motion, Negative and positive, mostly about the movement and how well that translates to g forces ect, and of course each to their own. However when I was attracted to motion .. all I saw was youtube videos and my only way to understand what I could be up for.

    Most motion sims show off it's full motion capability. When mine arrived I used the motion as I have seen others on videos... I was then in a state of disbelief ...I was completely thrown off it's hype .. and yes sometimes out of the seat. It took me about 2 months of research trying to understand why such a machine was ever created because it didn't even translate anything to do with tricking the brain as it's supposed to. well that's me ...each to their own as I mentioned .. but it wasn't working for me... as such never turn on the motion for 2 months since setup.

    I purchased mine when sim commander was still in development ... adjust-ability was to confusing for me. and became frustrated ..... But when sim commander arrived (now simcom3) and Bernie from SimXperience sent me the beta for testing prior to releasing it ... well then ... coupled from my own research it all began to makes sense.

    I have had a a lot of friends drive the sim .. all say I'm not feeling anything .. this is because they are not driving they are concentrating on feeling movement. After I have let them play for say 30 mins .. I remove them from the sim .. give a short briefing on their driving skills and to forget looking for the coordinated motion cues in sync with the game.

    At this point they are back on the sim, but with the motion swtiched off ... they are to learn first not to crash into walls ... I want them to drive smoothly lap after lap without any crashes into walls that would disable the vehicle.
    Once I see they are at this level ... off the sim take a breather and then back on .... this time with the full motion on ... a full grid 28 plus cars and a 10 lap race and I place them at P6 on the grid...... what happens next ... happens to all them .....

    As you know the sim consist's of 9 base shakers, 4 on the floor, 2 at the kidneys, 2 at the thighs and one under the shifter connected to a 5.1 amp, plus 300watt sub in front (this sub has a platform connecting to the front feet of the sim and 150watt sub at the rear about 3 foot away. It has brake lights for subtle peripheral vision interference , The commander motion software with traction loss and simvibe all working together finely tuned and balanced with 5.1 surround sound. You'll see in my latest videos motion is not as erratic as one would think it should be.

    The result of this is everyone who drives as I have instructed after a 10 lap race ... I ask them to show me your hands ..... they are shaking with adrenaline to point they want to get out for a break ... but quickly respond I need another hit ... that's only after 10 quality laps in race mode....

    Imagine now in full competition mode online when things begin to get serious .. qualifying , maintaining track position ... overtaking .. bumper to bumper .... When I am in competitive mode I've learnt to eat and drink before any scheduled race that's 30 mins or more because after that race I'm usually exhausted and with no appetite for a while.

    The thumps from the rear, the curbs , the slides , sounds and vibration and the lighting all comes together like the unknown in a ghost train ride , or a quality roller coaster experience.

    All that was experienced when I had a G25 and then on to a G27 wheel.
    Since the introduction of my Leo Bodnar wheel and fine tuning that as well I cannot even begin to describe what you feel other than a complete new dimension of sensations ... and I have my force only on 30%. Everyone has commented that it feels like you have a ton of metal at the wheel and you can feel the tarmacs imperfections as you drive over them .... only to look down to confirm you're on carpet ... and I've seen them do it .. and they ask what exactly is this thing sitting on ...

    For me and proven by others a quality motion sim experience are the subtle movements that become exaggerated because of your level of concentration within the game ... concentrate on your driving and not on what to expect before it's happened ...

    I hope that will give you some imagination as to what it would feel like ... and that's only the V8's
    Open wheelers .... well that is another level ... since your head is out in the open ...

    questions are welcomed ......
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  7. So my new goals of sim racing have just been totally shaken with that review!!!

    I now have to work hard to be in a position to get this kind of set up. I feel I owe it to myself and should be on the bucket list around the same number as driving an actual F1 car!

    Hope you don't have to sell it but I can only dream of having the funds to buy it from you unfortunately.
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  8. Alex DIY motion can be done for 1/5 of SimX gear just fyi ;)

    Good luck with the Sale Vito, Quite the rig you got there. :thumbsup:
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  9. What a great explanation for the feeling in your sim... :thumbsup: Really like the idea of the brake light in the back which gives even more sensation of sitting in a car. Sounds absolutely fantastic.
  10. Would love some tips on that!
  11. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>S O L D>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    We all have cross roads, and sometimes not all things can follow. I've given all I can and battled all what you dish out. Your selfish uncompromising ways programmed from when we first met til when we part, continuously made me search for mutual ground-but I was not able. Let it be known by others that come before you, they'll see your Beauty , but only I know the Beast that lies within.

    3 years saving, 3.5 years searching, 5 years owned. 25 years total sim racing ... PB and favourite most Memorable Qualifying Lap time on record . Bathurst 2m06.431. Thankyou Craig for the inspiration.
    To my friends and racers over the years Farewell. Vito has left the building. Good luck to everyone.
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  12. I have had a few responses wanting to know what could be a reasonable market price for an out fit such as mine.

    If you ventured out today and began to duplicate my Sim it would cost today to put together in excess of $40,000 .. which is a complete turn key. Some will say they can build it much less ... perhaps ..... you can ...

    I bet anyone that you can't.

    Up above it was stated you can build a DIY for a 1/5 of the cost. At my rate roughly that would equate to under $10,000. If we are to debate it then we have no discussion .. what I'm referring to is Apples for Apples. The bodnar wheel, shaft, release systems, CLowndes wheel and the fabrication and mods to secure it all is already at $8000. The fabrication for the cross arm holding the servo look closely , it does something that you can't see ... that alone in conjunction with the universal join adds another level of feedback/feel

    study closely, and you'll see the componentry, what you can't see is what lies in between and under that only through trial and error it has been refined.

    This refinement can only be described like buying a brand new car .. bushes springs the ride is smooth and precise nothing to hear other that the sounds expected. The subs have connecting plates to the sim, the mounts it sit's on simulate shockers, lighting, twin 5.1 surround/sound/vibration systems. Not refined just yet but will be passed on to the new owner, not seen it anywhere yet, but the roll cage to be implemented is divisional or directional as I call it .. in other words it moves in opposite direction to the slide of the sim .. adding another dimension of immersion.

    The computer was personally built by a German in another state, no one here in Adelaide was capable at the time in the days when eyefinity was released. I asked for a Thoroughbred gaming computer... windows 7 is not your off the shelf platform ... maybe that's why I have no lag, and achieve exceptional frames rates all running under 46 degrees.

    Realistically the Sim can only be valued after you sit in other sims and then it comes down to what one is prepared to pay. ..... pay less it's obvious you get less .. the feel would be worlds apart.

    not including my labour and as a licensed electrician the control box containing 3 breakers switches on the the sim in 3 departments independently whilst all circuits first port is through circuit protectors.

    the carcase will last longer than I. Simulators such as these can always be added to, reshaped, upgraded as per individual personality and themed to ones preference. I in particular follow V8 super cars, so it is themed around that. So specific hardware to relate to that needs to be considered when looking at a setup of ones choice.

    This sim is really meant for the Passionate Sim Racer/Driver. It's not a toy .. it's not for kids. It's designed to race It's designed and tuned to experience the best feed back games can offer ... It is not an Arcade machine. SimXperience designed the carcase one style fits all .... where the value lies is what it becomes ... how it translate to the driving experience one is after. It is however a strong highly reliable simple and cleverly designed roller-coaster .. if to use another word.

    It is a conversational piece of furniture as well. How much would you pay towards aesthetics.?

    So what would be it's true value ? in the second hand market.

    Well ... is there another like it ?, Second hand Value Verses Work in Progress value?, How much would you pay for some else's trial and error?

    Put it this way, I needed to sell because of unforeseen cross roads otherwise it would be sold when death do us part. But if I was in the market for a sim and dollars wasn't a problem did my research and sat in it, experienced others as well .. If the price tag said $50,000. I would buy it.

    you can judge a Simulator by it's cover because it's commercially available to all...

    But you can't judge a Custom Simulator until you sit in it. Without My labour its replacement Value would comfortably be $40,000.

    As a 57 year old been in business since age 22 the most important thing I leave you with in my 25 plus years of sim driving ......

    Never put a price on your Passion's in life ... be reasonable yes ... but please don't make my mistake... I should have done this many years earlier........

    money is only a means to the end ...does not matter who what has the greatest ... just evolve with your passion.

    Hey wanna see my new toy ... not mine but will end up close to this .... Best wishes to everyone.
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  13. No argument that this is a sophisticated rig however anybody who ventures into beta software/hardware is going to pay a premium which is almost never recoverable. The computer specs might have been remarkable then but now components are faster and cheaper with screen tech. advancing monthly.Having researched this as I am considering building a similar setup for rally (Dirt Rally), my budget will be $20 000 aud to produce a rig of equal quality within 2 years.
    Frame: 3000 (40mm CrMo) seating plan drawn to 2015 Fiesta WRC
    Seat: 1000 ex WRC (have lead,Fingers crossed)
    FFB motor(including shaft/wheel/QR): 3000 (Openware software: Free)
    HB/Seq Shift/Pedals: 3000
    WC SLi Tower: 4000
    Srceens x 3: 4000 (Benq 4K's)
    Button box/ Sim dash: 2000.
    Note that this will not include motion but am toying with voice command to eliminate KB/mouse via smart phone.

    All I need is a place to lodge it as I currently live on my boat.
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  14. the 1/5 quote was in regards to a SimX unit and Thats it. Thats NOT including all your gadgets....Just to get that out of the way.

    "pay less it's obvious you get less .. the feel would be worlds apart." Is a BOLD FACE LIE!!!!!!!!
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  15. Hi Moxley, """pay less it's obvious you get less""" is in reference to my sim. It's obvious if it had a G27 wheel , 2 shakers it would be worth less, and obviously the experience is less ....