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Simulaje JZ quick release, G25/G27 - advise and details

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Mo Selvarajah, May 15, 2013.

  1. well this is really for g25/g27 owners obviously.
    I was wondering if you've had any experience with Simulaje's JZ quick release mechanism, and how you've all modified your wheels?

    some pics, details, prices, where you got the parts from, would be really nice.
    hopefully this will be the go-to thread for anything Simulaje related.

    im in the process of ordering a system from Juan and I have a ton of questions, hoping someone on here can join the pieces.....

    so come on guys...post your Simulaje creations here!
  2. No pics right now... :-D

    I got a set from Juan about a month ago, and I love it.
    Really easy to install, very sturdy construction and it just works.

    The really cool thing, is that the connector in this QR is a d-sub/vga type, which means that it can support a G27-rim plus 2 usb-connections, if needed.
    Mine is only wired with 1 usb-connection and the g27-rim, though. Plenty for me :-D

    I paid around 150-160 euros, for a complete set for 2 rims, including an adapter-plate for the SRW-S1 (which becomes an awesome wheel, when mounted to a G27!!! :D )
  3. so does that mean if i wanted to use G25, i can connect SLI Pro AND a button plate AND the g25 shifters to the D Sub?
  4. Theoretically yes... if you are able to get 2 usb-cables through the shaft... :D
    Remember to tell Juan that you want this option when ordering...
  5. well thank you for this, is there any chance you could expand on the connections, and the principles behind it?
    ive never wired anything like this before, and Juans english isn't 100% lol (although i cannot speak a word of Spanish!)

    Basically im undecided whether to use g25/g27 and so want the option of swapping between them

    what i want to use with QR
    g25 base: g25 rim (stock) + additional fancy rim (with SLI pro/button plate/logitech paddle shifters)
    g27 base: g27 rim (stock) + additional fancy rim (with SLI pro/button plate/logitech paddle shifters)

    (regarding the logitech paddle shifters, i have spares, so its not like i'll need to remove them from the logitech rims)

    The problem i've got is Derek Speare only does button plates compatible with g27.
    However simracinghardware.com can do a customised thing, but i need to tell Juan what connectors/wires i need.

    so i plan to put the JZ QR system on the g25 base first, see how it feels with Both wheels, then transfer the system to the g27 base, see how it feels with both wheels.

    simracinghardware.com have advised me that SLI Pro needs '4 wire connections' (USB), and the button plate runs Through SLI Pro.

    So - what do I tell Juan?
    I know I need the 'JZ FULL' for 90 Euro, + JZ Medium for the 2nd rim.
    But what about for connections required?
    and what connections do i need so i can transfer from g25 base to g27 base and back again if i want?

    Really hoping you can help me out here Lars! Or know a Spanish translator that can translate this all perfectly.......

    Ive made a diagram to explain better.
  6. well,
    ive just bought:
    sim seat 200
    g27 120
    fanatec clubsport v2 pedals 100
    spare g27 0
    fuel delivery 50
    momo wheel 157
    button plate 20
    buttons/cables/connectors 67
    sli pro 100
    JZ QR system 152
    mods to sim seat 50

    total spend so far = £1k

    need to buy 3x 37inch monitors + a more powerful graphics card, but that would be another £1240.....so will have to wait.

    parts all ordered. Sim seat was 2nd hand off ebay, the GT Omega Pro, which I'm going to modify - raise pedals significantly, to turn it into F1 style, and try and raise the front of the seat so it is pivoted at an angle.

    g27/fanatec pedals also was second hand.
    (guy sold this and the sim seat AND a spare dodgy g27 for spares, for a package of £420 - good deal I thought!)

    as for the 2nd rim - this is going to be a challenge. I need to drill the holes and wire it up myself - i hope its easy. Going to use the paddle shifters from a spare g27, and transplant that onto the Momo wheel.

    i plan to video the whole thing (finally got a tripod) so i'll post videos showing build process, full details on parts ordered and where from - a full guide basically.
    watch this space!

    thanks to Juan Zapata, he's been awesome, answered all my questions: http://simulaje.blogspot.com.es/
  7. Hi
    Edit: no one replying so I delete this.Few e-mail's with Juan and the package is coming ;)
  8. He is not really replying in his blog lately :( I just send him an email .. let's see!
  9. He will reply, I sent him an email a few days ago asking for more parts and he responded within a day.
  10. hasn't replied yet ... maybe on vacation :p