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SimSync Fail

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Danni Fugl, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Hi All

    My Rfactor ****ed up so i have reinstalled it, but then i tryed to run the simsync it fails and sias unable to sync file FSR2011_Monte.mas. stopping the synchronization. error replycode: 550 // File not found (code=550)

    I dont know whats wrong so plz help me

  2. I tried the 2010 mod too. its the same result just with monterrey
  3. Are you using the right version of Simsync? (I once had an old one and got some error but I don't remember if it was the same error)
  4. the simsync was updated automatic as i started it
  5. SimSync had a server crash yesterday. The Touring Pro Series syncs are back online, but they had to recover and resync all files, so it may be that FSR's files are not done yet.
  6. oh. thats propperbly why.

  7. have u made sure that you are running simsync as an admin ? I had that problem when i first tried simsync :[
  8. hi,

    unfortunately due to the HDD crash on the simsync server some files from the FSR Mod were lost.

    I had to reuploaded the files again to make sure all files are included again.

    If anything is still wrong please let me know.
  9. yes i did that. but it workes now. so it was propperbly the server shot down
  10. I do not get anything from Simsync as I want to update my FSR files, I dont know if they still down or what!! any info over that?
  11. i cant find FSR on it i updated to the latest version and tried to scan for downloads and it cant find any of the fsr leagues is anyone else having this?
  12. Yes Liam I have the same problem too.
  13. Yes, apparently all simsync servers are down since ~5 hours. Hopefully it's only "temporary"...
  14. Hi! I'am having the same problem as the guy who created this thread, but only with 2010 mod, the 2011 is fine. The thing is that i had to reinstall Windows and i deleted all the files with the mod, and thought i could just download it back, but i get the same error over and over; at first i thought that this is a problem with 'simsync pro' but i was trying to download for a few days now, so if it was true i'am sure it would've been fixed by now, but it hasnt. Could someone fix this??? i really want to play it.
    Here is the picture with my error: http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/6167/ccccvq.jpg
  15. Hi,

    we had a Simsync crash 3 weeks ago where some files were lost and the 2010 Mod couldn´t be fixed yet (because we have to go through the whole Mod and check if any file is missing). We will try to get it working again in the Summerbreak.