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SimRDisp7X - G25

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Gugge, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. I take the great oppurtunity to asking for some help.
    It's an usb-issue.
    The software for the product is working perfect, but when connecting the usb, nothing is happening.
    I've tried other usb-ports...same story.

    If someone reconize this prob., pleeeease help me.

  2. a few questions that might help trouble shoot.

    1. Is windows recognizing that you pluged the device in (aka a message comes up new device detected)?
    2. Is there any lights showing up on the SimRdisp7X to suggest it is recieving power?

    If uve answered no to these there is probably a problem with the cord or an internal wire for that cord.
  3. My answer is actually "no". Nothing is happening.
    Wonder if a person can buy a cord like this in a computerstore, otherwise I have to contact the seller.
    Many thanks for the reply anyway.

  4. Updated info:
    I think I have solved the cable. It was loose somehow.
    A popup-message says that it doesn't recognize the USB-connection
    and after that a new message is poping up:
    "You hace increased the power for the nav-port" and my keyboard stop working...
    When one problem is solved, another appear...
  5. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Are your ports on your computer USB1 or USB 2? If they are USB1 then they might not have enough power to use the device.
  6. I don't know if it is USB1 or USB2.
    But I think when the keyboard died, it must have been USB1, so I connect the cord to another port. I didn't get any message that I had increased the power, but after a while i notised that the cord became very warm, so I just disconnect it.
    Must be something wrong with the cord...or the curcuit-board.
  7. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    It is possible that when your keyboard died, that it damaged the motherboard as well. If you are unsure of how to look at things to see how they are, I would take it to a shop to have them check it out.