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Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Ramon Alonso, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Shameless copy of RaceDepartment's tagline: blurring the line between real and virtual motorsports
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  2. So... I managed to bring myself to download and register to Simraceway... anyone else tried this "free iRacing based" service?
  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    You mean the paid version of rFactor 1 :)
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  4. I didn't pay for it yet... fortunately. Don't have a wheel with me atm so I cant try it out but i did sign up for the free car and for the free $5 (Daytona 24h promotional)
  5. I wasn't really impressed. It doesn't look better than rFactor, still needs more resources, and I couldn't set up my wheel properly (steering lock in car setup wasn't adjustable). Tried it once and left it there.
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  6. Steering Lock isn't adjustable, but the worse is, it's not even a right value !

    To match the real car I had to change the degrees of rotation to 4xx in the profiler for the Lancer... Stupid.
  7. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    I'm not sure how I feel about it. It does look better than rF1, but not as good as rF2, but the menus are terrible. I'm yet to try it online, but so far i'm sitting on the fence. I'm not sure why everyone is so negative though as it's no worse than GameStockCar and that gets big love from everyone.

    Is it just getting hate because it's simraceway owned?
  8. Well, probably if you can run it on high settings it does look better, I ran it at low settings, it was waaaay uglier than how I could run rF1 and still the performance I got was much worse! I couldn't set the steering lock which is really annoying when you have a wheel with 200 degrees rotation, I had to lower the sensivity to around 10%, which still felt extremely responsive (especially in slow corners). I've tried Game Stock Car too, that felt much better on my wheel, the performance issue was less irritating as well (though as soon as a car crashed it turned into a slide show). On my PC though both rF1 and the Simbin games look way better and can be configured better (feel better) than both Simraceway and GSC.
  9. I only got it for the Morgan & Ive had nothing but troubles, extremely frustrating.
    I feel they should actually finish tracks, cars & AI behaviour before releasing something for the general public to test.
    Im slowly logging all the problems Im finding with it & once thats mailed to them, in the hope to make it a better final product, I reckon I'll be wiping it from my PC....
    But what I need to know, without SRW's own self-promotional slant (which is why I ask here) is, is Simraceway meant to be a proper sim or is it in actual fact a 'sim-cade' or what ever the term is?
  10. Hi guys,

    I am looking at getting into SimRaceway (since finding out that you can buy cars with credits as well as real money) and I was wondering what the significance of the options of the racer plate are/how it affects it? I just don't want to mess with it until I know :p

    It would be great if someone could show me a screenshot of theirs/some so that I can get an idea ;)

    Thanks in advance :)
  11. To be honest fella its still very new.

    I play it quite a lot because its free and easy to play.

    You can only get a couple of cars from the start, but it really doesnt take long with quick races and hotlaps to get enough credits to buy the majority of cars in the game, although some of teh more exotic stuff is only attainable by using real money or finishing in the top echelons in events.

    The race card is pretty worthless, it just reflects your number, nationality etc, is not used at all really.

    THe team are relasing a lot of new cars at the moment. But the game is very basic, lots of lag problems (as RF1 early uders will remember) and lots of issues with join lag.

    The events are awfully maintained with no cut detection meaning the eents take months to poice and theya re pathetically OTT about going over white lines and stuff. Meaning it takes them ages to give out prizes.

    It seems there are one or two alins who win everything anyway, who probably work there or are coders, but I ahve had some fun playing the game. If youa re half decent you will be able to earn credits (when they ever get roudn to awarding them)

    And more importantly compared to other games, the mods are always around, very helpful and in chat so you can get answers instantly.

    Needs some work, but eh basics are not bad.

    Not Rf2 Iracing or anything, but for a free blast its not bad.
  12. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Honestly this is cool news for IndyCar fans!


    Official IndyCar Game Announced by SimRaceWay

    There hasn’t been a lot of sim racing community love for SimRaceWay and Ignite GT in recent years but today’s news might change that as the San Francisco based developer goes Indy! Today Ignite GT has announced via the press release below an official IndyCar game featuring all the cars and tracks of the popular american open wheeler series.

    Full article on our frontpage here
  13. IndyCar racing has been waiting for a real game for a long time... last one was Codemasters' effort in 2005 (no, iRacing doesn't count...) Honestly I quite like Simraceway, and as an Indycar fan I hope they succeed either way. It's not entirely clear whether this will be part of Simraceway or something different, though...
  14. There are a lot of snobs around who diss SRW without maybe trying it much.

    Its not a bad little thing really, ok it is very old tech, but basically it is a sound platform. They are getting on top of the issues now and have some decent cars.

    The game is not really a full on sim, ie in most of the cars you cant really adjust much, you are likely only allowed to change steering ratio and brake pressure. But the cars are as real as is possible when it comes to power, gear ratios etc.

    Its a bit arcadey, but I can tell you now the quickest guys are top drawer. the only drawback ic an see is that the grip level is very high, so a lot of people are using pads. I was chatting to a guy the otehr night and he could set quick times on both pad and G25 which doesnt really sound right.

    I would also suggest that teh Indycar mod will not be a mod, but a whole game, maybe online only without a release. But will not be incorporated into SRW, why would they do that? When they can make a packet marketing it as a standalone game
  15. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Small update as it seems that things are moving now:
    Are some of our members visiting Indy500 this year? Would love to hear your impressions if you have the chance to get behind the wheel of this virtual car.
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  16. Depends which physics they are using.

    I played this game a lot until recently when I played RF2 again and RF1 and realised how truly average the FFB and physics were.

    They are trying to be Iracing, but the game really isn't up to scratch right now. I had horrendous issues with the updater, as many did. The guys there are very helpful but it just put me right off.

    I was half decent though, got a load of credits from wins, but half the time the races you compete in for money are not judged properly or not at all, and then they impose draconian rules about touching ( and I mean grazing with a pixel) a wall or having a wheel off the track.

    If you like fairly simple games then this is fine, bang between arcade and sim for me. Put the time in to the free events and do hundreds of laps and you will have credits to enter more events.

    I would never spend real money on a game (other than an initial purchase), not when you see how much money this company has invested in signing people like Mcnish and Franchitti, why they even have to charge people real money for cars is beyond me. Just charge for server time or something?

    Some of the cars are over 20 quid real money! And you don't get anywhere near the same quality as IR. And there are very few tracks, and most of them are RACE 07 quality, not IR or RF2

    But, I played for free, had loads of cars and over 30 quid credit, just from playing free, so you can do it, just that now I played a proper sim for a bit it feels like picking up a gamepad again!

    Oh, and a lot of the quickest guys who win stuff use gamepads, that tells you all you need to know!
  17. The idea of simraceway is great. Hopefully they will port over to the rF2 engine and then I can see things really taking off for them. Heck they got the DW12 license before iRacing has. lol.