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SimRacer Bathurst 1000 2012??

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Kurt Southwell, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. hey guys, last year SimRacer held a Bathurst 1000 event.

    just need to know if anyone else was wanting to do this event, as we need a decent amount for this event to happen.

    so just post here if your interested.

  2. Yo im keen! ;DD
  3. I was keen as until i saw it was on race weekend :(
  4. Yeh I'm keen but I. Have to look if I have anything on that weekend
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  5. it's not going to be on the race weekend of Bathurst 1000.
    that was last year, maybe the week before
  6. Yeah i was all keen for it last year but i was at the track all weekend so wasn't able to race.

    If its on a better weekend this year im defiantly keen!
  7. can i also ask for some of you guys to get the word out there, post on other simracing forums and let them know.
  8. I'd sign up, depending on when it happens. It cant clash with VV8's though.
  9. I would sign up but if its the weekend of or before bathurst i can't. Doing the round trip of NRL Grand Final/Bathurst 1000 double :D
  10. If there is co drivers mitch and i do it do you want to go in a car together?
  11. ok yes there are co drivers but it will be finished late on a saturday night?? would ur mum let ya??
  12. What time? cause fvr finishes at 12 at nite and she is ok with that
  13. And where is link to site?
  14. the registration won't be up till later, this is to see the numbers to see if this event will even happen. more people we get the more chance of it happening.
  15. I should be in!
  16. I'll register my interest at this stage.
  17. I'd be pretty damn keen for a Bathurst 1000.
  18. Hey richard if your in can i codrive for u? and not mitch?
  19. Mitch has already said he'd partner you bud. Read a few posts above.
  20. simracer.ning.com