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Apps SimpleHUD 1.8.1

This is a simple HUD a little like Kunos's original "Gear" appwith many options.

  1. xenicle submitted a new resource:

    SimpleHUD 1.0 - This is a simple HUD a little like Kunos's original "Gear" app.

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    Last edited: Oct 15, 2014
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  2. Nice with all the needed info in an small place - I try it!;)
  3. xenicle updated SimpleHUD 1.0 with a new update entry:

    Update 1.1

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  4. Thanks! Here's hoping it doesn't kill my framerates like some apps do....
  5. Hope to, if you can : report if it's kill framerates !
    But I try to code with optimization in mind.
  6. I think it's largely a Crossfire thing in AC that kills framerates when complicated apps are running- not much an app dev can do about it. (I have a Crossfire setup.)
  7. Ok, thanks for this info, I think nvidia SLI have same problems...
  8. Just tested - nice, no impact on framerates!

    A couple of options I would like to see if you plan to develop this further: 1. transparency adjustment - I prefer a fully transparent app when I can use it, seems to be less disruptive of the immersion in the sim. 2: I find the 3 digit RPM distracting. Would prefer an option for 2 digit, maybe with 2 zeros tacked on all the time for a total 4 digit number. 3: option to turn off the G-meter, I find it kind of useless without any metric and I think the app's appearance would be better without it.

    Nice app - don't take these suggestions the wrong way, it's habit - in my professional life I sometimes conduct technology evaluations.
  9. Thanks for your suggestions !

    1. There is a little problem and i wasn't find a solution for transparency : when you click the app for moving, the background opacity change but when you reload the game opacity came back to the 0 set in the app.

    2. You can change rpmscaledivision to 100 in SimpleHUD.ini file located in \SimpleHUD\cfg\ folder, to have two digit. Anyway your 2 zeros tacked idea is great, future update will have this with a number of 0 accorded to the scale division number.

    3. this option is in my Todo list with also the possibility to switch between digit and graphic display.

    I'm appreciate suggestions and criticisms. ;)
  10. As an idea you could make one with shift leds as an alternative design.
  11. I'll certainly add a shift led Option, I need to find a good way to implement it for the zoom capability.
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  12. Love the app, but with every version it only works the first time i enter a race, after that the rev meter g force meter and fuel meter no longer work and turning them on and off in settings makes no difference.
  13. Thanks! The show/hide features is what I was hoping for!
  14. xenicle updated SimpleHUD with a new update entry:

    Digital G-Meters and more !

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  15. xenicle updated SimpleHUD with a new update entry:

    Shift Leds and Bug fix

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  16. xenicle updated SimpleHUD with a new update entry:

    Zoom inside windows, one color gear label and a fix.

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