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Simple GMT Editor? GMT Questions

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by wagnerov, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    While saving my project last night, BTB crashed and all recovery efforts failed (my fault for not making a more recent backup). Since BTB crashed during the save process, the project was incomplete and obviously wouldn't open. I was 95% done with it and was just doing fine-tuning.

    In any case, are there any programs out there that allow modifying an individual GMT file? Literally all I want to do is make some string objects "collideable", like you'd check the checkbox in BTB for "collide". I looked in the SCN file, found the right sobj's, and they are marked as Colltarget=true, however I can still drive through them. So I assume there is something in the sobj's GMT I need to edit.

    I can buy 3dsimed, I just don't see how to edit objects like that (to make them driveable, collideable, etc) from the tutorials and help files that I have seen. All I want to do is edit the few fences I can drive through. :)

  2. This could be a little off-topic, but:
    Never agree to save changes after BTB reports an error and is going to crash... :)
  3. I actually hit no after the crash occurred (the prompt came up a second time). The crash occurred during the save process so only a few things were written. No complaint from me, I should have backed up my project more often. **** happens!
  4. Ah, bad luck you had. Maybe you can still try to recover something from temporary files?