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Skins Simple Fictional Williams BMW 1.0

Just a simple BMW inspired Williams re-skin.

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  1. Great Job. Can you do it with Force India?
  2. I love great contribution, thanks. I will also make a request or caterham substitute for HRT Marussia what I want is to change the appearance of marussia or HRT caterham for visual only car that looks like something to 2012. as people of this forum who made a fictitious Juguar the caterham. livery_main file

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  3. Didn't you read what i just wrote in the request thread?It's impossible can't you get it?
  4. but there are people who do it with cars that have not even existed and can not do with HRT do not understand. and thanks
  5. Jesus you are quite resistent are you. Simply fictional skins like that Jaguar can be easly done. All he did was replacement of color and logos the paint still looks like Catherham's nothing more. Complete car remakes like HRT is impossible. You can beleive me . I'm a very good skinner myself too, so you can beleive me.
  6. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    Just put your question into the Request Thread. Not spam other threads. You already did that, now you have to wait for a replay. There is not a 100% chance that it will be done.