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Simple editor (NEW)

Discussion in 'Motorsport Manager' started by Wasserlasser, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. Wasserlasser


    Since the old Subject was not valid anymore I have created a new thread.

    You can still edit the drivers but as you can see, now the Team name is displayed instead of the number


    And we have also implemented the option of editing all aspects of a team

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  2. Thanks for editing the team name it will make things a lot easier.
    Great job
  3. Fantastic, i wait dowload link xD
  4. Looks nice! Would it be possible to come with a legend or list of what traits are which number, if you know what they are of course? I could see trying each number, then loading the game to see which trait was added get quite annoying. Also what the min and max possibilities for each value are.
  5. Wasserlasser


    I understand what you mean. If someone knows and can help we can certainly add it.
  6. Does he mean something like this ?

    1,Team Player,PSG_10001311,""The team comes first."",PSG_10001312,Permanent,,,,,,,2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,10,10,10,,,,,,,
    2,Selfish,PSG_10001313,""I think I'll take that new part..."",PSG_10001314,Permanent,,,,,,,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-10,-10,-10,,,,,,,
    3,Media Shy,PSG_10001315,""An interview? Uh-oh..."",PSG_10001316,Permanent,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-30,,,,,,,,,,,
    4,Narcissist,PSG_10001317,""Don't touch my hair!"",PSG_10001318,Permanent,,,,,,,3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,30,,,,,,,,,,,
    5,Ambitious,PSG_10001319,""My talent has no limits!"",PSG_10001320,Permanent,,,,,,,7,,,,,,,,,,,,,NeedMoreTrophiesBeforeRetiring,Driver wants to win trophies before retirement.,PSG_10011092,,,,,,,,,,20,,
    6,Wonderkid,PSG_10007585,""The sky's the limit!"",PSG_10007586,Permanent,,,,Age < 21; Potential > 50,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,50,,,,,
  7. Wasserlasser


    This looks good. I will check it out tomorrow
  8. Thanks! Yeah, a list and knowing what all the traits are will help so much rather than guessing each time.
  9. I like the mod, the overall layout is good. some of it is still a bit cryptic, but that's more down to the way MSM using numerical values for stats. That being said it is very early for graphical mod utilities which is impressive. I look forwards to its progression.

    I did a little video tutorial on how to set it up, It would be interesting if it could transcode directly to the asset file, but i think that is way off

    video tutorial