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SimGear Shifter

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Attila Domján, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    I know already some of you have this beaitufl shifter, and i also know that most of you think the knob is not the best looking on it. :)

    I made a knob change on it, and i just wanted to help a little on others who consider this too.

    To change the knob for any commercial racing knob you can buy in any tuning shop, you "only" need a mechanical modification on the shaft.

    You can simply screw off the shaft from the base, then screw off the original knob from it (take care that the thread which goes to the base of the shifter not gets damaged, this one will be needed still!!!)

    Then what i did is to modifiy the shape of the shaft to parallel, you can get it done in a tool shop, to get fixed in a machine use the thread on the upper part where the original knob was screwed to. After you got the base shaft parallel, you can cut off the top thread (actually you will need to, otherwise it will be too long to fit the new knob on it), so it is not a problem if the top thread gets damaged.

    For exact diameter and length needed, first choose your new knob, then read on it what parameter shaft it can be assembled to, or just simply measure it. :)

    Made a high-tech AutoCad Laser version scratch for better understanding, picture attached. :)
    Black line is the original shape of the shaft, red one is the final shape after the needed modification.

    p.s.: take care, not to choose too heavy knob, the original one is a very lightweight for 2 reason:
    - feel and speed for shifting
    - lengthen the lifetime of the shifter

    I asked SimGear by the time i made the modification about this weight question, they said that with the newly released centering spring the shifter will bear a heavier knob as well then the original, but thery proposed not to get the heaviest knob i can find on the market. :)

    After the modification and installation of the centering spring i just find the feel of the shifter about perfect. :)

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  2. And finally the pictures to speak for themselves :)

    SimGear shifter, original


    After knob change

  3. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling
    Premium Member

    That looks very nice now, great job Atti.
  4. Looks nice atti... was changing the knob a request from the missus :p
  5. nope, i like to pimp my ride myself too :)