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Simbin RaceRoom Racing Experience Interview

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Andy Kettler, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. :sleep:

    All they say each and every time is "we are doing this" "we are doing that" "this is the future" when they are doing sod all.
    Why do interviews when you are saying nothing? No answers to any question us, the paying customer wants to hear. Again.
  2. Interesting read, especially the parts where Diego mentions future features for the Sim community and upgrades to the interaction of the engine/gearbox/differential/sounds. It's good to get a little more insight to the overall development of RRRE.
  3. Another interesting dialogue with Diego. Good info, overall.

    Bryan O'Connor,

    you can think of it this way: he (again) outright dismisses speculations in regards to physics, content and the future. That is important as it simply shows the choices made by the company (the use of ISI's platform, type of "audience" targeted, etc).

    He hasn't made any outrageous claims or promises, he knows the (many) strengths of the game engine they are using and also the goals projected for RRRE.

    I suspect, and it is expected anyway, that many more things are going on behind the curtains at SIMBIN, and right now what they have for us is RRRE - which has its strong points.
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