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SimBin Q & A - The Answers at RSC

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Brett Thornton, Sep 24, 2008.

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  2. Been waiting for this :D



    Are there any additional expansion packs being developed for GTR Evo after the STCC?
    JR: Yes.

    They would leave it at that >_> R08/09 anyone?
  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

  4. I was getting a little grumpy with SimBin for their absence in there own "Official Forums", but I do like the way the answers are all in one place, no sifting thru piles of threads.

    Things I found particularly interesting:

    • Is SimBin happy with the community's reaction on illegal software ?

    JE: Yes, once everyone is pointed in the same direction, development studios are able to create better games, which are for all of you to enjoy. In my opinion a pure win/win situation.
    WM: Yes it has been motivating and positive to see the reactions from all corners of the widespread communities, and it is one of the reasons we are doing this Q & A.

    • I would like to know if SimBin would accept GTL and GTR2 to Race 07/GTR Evo conversions if some sort of cd check or other type of protection is needed to install the conversions.

    JR: This goes into legals where I can not comment as it involves licensor parties for car manufacturers, track owners, championship promoters etc etc. SimBin would most likely not take legal actions against such solutions though.

    Brett "Avox" Thornton

    PS..I would have just copy/pasted the whole thing, except there are formatting problems that require more time than I have to make it look correct.
  5. That was a good read :) Thanks SimBin
  6. Well they did and didn't answer my question -

    • Would it be possible on the next patch to allow the "WheeelColor=" ini code for the standard
    Race07 models within Evo.
    JE: I suggest you take a look again in the new cars that we added for GTR Evolution!

    I already know the wheelcolor code is attached to the Evo models I wanted to if they would ever be attached to the Race 07 models. Going of the fact I've allready tried it to no avail the answer is NO!
  7. So more expansions will come!:) Nice! Some people don't like that everything comes as an expansion for Race07, but I like it! Just because this way everything stays together, and the game doesn't need a better PC. And I'm really pleased with the game! Also I better pay for official expansions, than getting mods for free. I don't really like mods, as they're far less accurate than official addons.
  8. Interesting that RACE is SimBin's IP so they can do more with the WTCC cars :)

    So may be see new expansion packs :) makes sense really to release the expansion packs to get in more money to develop the next main platform to put content into after RACE
  9. thanks for the read... veh interesting... lub simbin :cheer2:
  10. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Don't know if that's a valid conclusion. RACE has currently more then only WTCC. Having the IP for RACE does not automatically mean they can endlessly use WTCC every year, but I could be wrong :)
  11. yep, I figure they have to buy a new licence every year and if I am not mistaken the original licencing deal was a three year deal: RACE / RACE07 / my guess: one add-on to come: tracks and liveries WTCC08 (plus the Lada)
  12. impressed

    wow, thx simbin for this massive document, should be mandatory reading for any kid dreaming of entering the gaming industry.
    loads and loads of inside information.
  13. I would really like to try that car, even if it's not one of the best cars:) And there is one new circuit also in the 2008 calendar, Okayama.
    But this is a little few, so maybe it should come with more tracks (some GT tracks f.e., or extras), and one more class of cars:) Then it would be a great expansion!

    But I think we will see what will come next, maybe just after the release of STCC they will let us know, or after the release of Race Pro:) I'm really curious about what will come!
  14. Nice read.

    That emotion cracks me up :pound:
  15. I think I could see them coming out with 3-4 other "expansion packs" for GTR Evo before the start of the next WTCC season

    • Indy/Indy Racing Lights/Formula 1
    • LeMans/American Lemans
    • WTCC 08
    • BTCC
  16. A Le Mans pack would be amazing, would love to drive some of the crazy LMP racers (maybe a classic le mans package too, with older LMP cars?)

    I also think they will never in a million years get a full F1 license...
  17. I would also like to see LMP cars in the game but the game was originally based for touring cars thus allot of features like proper headlights for night time, and driver swaps aren't used.

    I do wonder if Simbin will make a endurance Le Mans series type game with proper driver swap support etc, would be good.
  18. "Realistic" Le Mans games are for the hardcore of the hardcore racers though. I remember I had a Le Mans game for the Dreamcast. I made it about 2 or 3 hours into one race after realizing I'd never finish a full race and quit, since it was just too insane haha.
  19. rFactor is a good example and great for proper endurance racing, there great races to race in. 2-5 drivers in a single car doing 2-5 hour stints in 10 hour races etc, done it a few times now :thumb:

  20. Good game, the next better :wink: