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Featured Sim Racing 2016 - What We Know So Far

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Paul Jeffrey, May 9, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Assetto Corsa Ferrari.jpg
    2016 is already well underway and promises to be another strong year for sim racing enthusiasts with a hatful of new titles emerging into the marketplace, substantial updates for existing releases and more news and information on a couple of highly anticipated sims likely to float to the surface before the year draws to a close.

    The opening few months of 2016 have already proven an exciting time for the genre with the news of a much anticipated and somewhat unexpected return of the GT Legends name to PC's around the world. Early in the year Little Feet Studios, a small independent operation run by form SimBin employee Simon Lundell announced to the world his intention to revive the popular title with a brand new sequel aimed at recreating the spirit and feeling of the original release. Many in the sim industry were surprised to hear of this new venture and no doubt many eyes will be on the little team in the coming months as we wait to hear more news on how the games progress.

    RaceDepartment will be bringing you another exclusive interview with Simon and Tiny Feet in the coming months where we discuss plans for the new GT Legends and how the early stages of creating the game are taking shape. Stay tuned for more information and news when it becomes available.

    GT Legends.png

    While the GT Legends announcement came somewhat out of the blue, Brazilian outfit Reiza Studios delivered on their long running crowdfunding campaign releasing highly acclaimed Game StockCar Extreme successor Automobilista Motorsport Simulator on Steam Early Access. Originally Reiza Studios announced back in 2015 that they would be running a limited time crowdfunding campaign via IndiGoGo to add much needed additional funds to the development, and completion of GSCE before the studio focus attention on a new, as yet untitled 2017 release. Community response to the highly respected studios campaign was exceptionally high and team over at Reiza announced via RaceDepartment that such was the overwhelming response and depth of the updates planned for the title the most sensible solution would be for a complete rebranding and re releasing of the game, at no cost to owners of the current Game StockCar Extreme game. Featuring enhanced graphics and FFB, new and improved content and a host of game feature enhancements Automobilista has proven a popular addition to the sim racing scene as Reiza Studios continue to push the ISI gMotor engine now they have the benefit of fully licensed access for the first time. Automobilista is currently in a short Early Access phase and should reach version 1 in the coming weeks. RaceDepartment have already adopted the title in our GSCE Club Racing events and the results have been spectacular, with almost unanimous approval from the racing community and some spectacular racing action out on track.


    Perhaps one of the most anticipated titles to be discussed amongst sim racing fans in recent years is proposed karting simulator KartKraft, discussed and previewed for a number of years before finally gaining some traction towards the end of 2015 and now planned to release sometime in the very near future. Originally starting life as KartSim, the title has taken on many different forms and has experienced a troubled early life as the team over at Black Delta developed the initial idea and went about the business of learning how to build a highly detailed karting simulator. Towards the end of 2015 and early into the New Year a number of images and videos have been revealed showcasing the admittedly impressive graphical side of the game. RaceDepartment had a great opportunity to sit with the guys at Black Delta recently to discuss the title in some detail and we are excited to hear about the games impressive growth and development. Keep an eye out at RaceDepartment the upcoming opportunity to win some KartKraft goodies when we launch our quest to find the most wanted questions to ask the developers when we give the community the opportunity to offer up suggestions and communicate directly to the developers about how you think the title show develop during the Early Access process.


    Still on the theme of karting, iOS only title Street Kart breaks into the mobile gaming market place in 2016 with beta testing for 1000 lucky players commenced earlier this year. Street Kart aims to be a simulation type multiplayer kart racing game taking mobile gaming to a realism level not seen before on iOS devices. Graphically advanced and developed with the help of professional karting drivers, Street Kart is an interesting game that could fill a nice void for those sim racers who want to get their online thrills without necessarily having access or time to sit in front of a gaming PC and participate in online club races or online open lobby events.


    For many sim racers 2015 was the year of the rally sim with the highly acclaimed release of Codemasters DiRT Rally on Windows PC. 2016 has brought a very successful launch of the title to the consoles market and with the recent acquisition of Evolution Studios things are looking very positive for the British developers.

    DiRT Rally.jpg

    Another title looking at making the switch to mass market console release is Kunos Simulzioni’s premium racing title Assetto Corsa. Sadly the studio have had to yet again delay the console release of the title, Xbox and PlayStation gamers will now have to wait until August to get their hands on Assetto Corsa. Hopefully the latest delay in release will give the Italian studio some additional breathing space to close up some of the obvious gaps in AC’s armoury before unleashing the title into a marketplace that has become accustomed to fully featured racing titles in recent years.

    To help pacify fans somewhat Kunos have started to tease the next new car pack due to hit the game in the coming weeks. The Japanese Car Pack should be available as DLC for the PC version of the title in the coming weeks, however more on that one in a different article later...

    Assetto Corsa.jpg

    Another new title in 2016 already making its mark in Early Access is the rather unusual RaceCraft game. Featuring high powered open wheel formula cars, perhaps the most interesting aspect of the already reasonably polished looking title is its unique take on its content creation. RaceCraft features a procedural technology for circuit creation giving gamers the opportunity of creating literally endless circuit designs either randomly in game or with the aid of basic design instructions. Utilising the proven Netcar Pro game engine and with a development studio willing actively listening and engaging with the sim racing community, RaceCraft looks like it could prove to be a strong contender as the year progresses. RaceDepartment have been in regular contact with Vae Victis Games for several weeks now and look out for an upcoming interview with the studio and the opportunity for the community to pitch your own questions to the team and be in with the chance to win Steam keys for the beta version of the title!


    Of course it’s not always the case that PC titles will eventually make their way across to consoles every time, and many titles remain exclusive to PC or Xbox and/or PlayStation. Rarely do you find console racing titles making the jump to PC with any notable success but one ambitious company are attempting that very same thing this year… you may already have heard of them, rumour has it they shifted a few copies of their Forza Motorsport series these last few years and have a few fans knocking about… Turn 10 Studios!

    Smash hit multimillion selling Xbox racing franchise Forza Motorsport makes its debut on Windows 10 PC’s this year and already the announcement and subsequent open Beta of Forza Motorsport 6: Apex has made quite a splash with fans of the genre.

    Apex will be a first toe in the water for the studio as they gently enter the marketplace with a free to Windows 10 owner’s release of the lightly filled title prior to full Forza releases in future. Although arguably not the full simulation racing game some PC players are accustomed to it is still great news for the gaming industry and fills a void currently in the marketplace for a title high on content and entertainment without trying to please those who wish for a through simulation experience.

    Forza Motorsport 6 Apex.jpg

    As is always a constant in the sim racing world on PC, modding should also be given a noteworthy mention as we rapidly close in on the second half of 2016. Already we have seen numerous epic community creations across many of the current simulations and this year looks to only get stronger in the coming months. With a whole host of top teams and talented individuals pushing out some remarkably high quality content already, and more again in the works, it would be literally impossible to mention everything in this article (that’s what our modding round up is for….). One of the key releases to keep an eye out for should be the Enduracers Endurance Mod for rFactor 2 that will be aiming to capitalise on the success of its recent Porsche Flat 6 Series release and the good will associated with the team during its rFactor 1 heyday.

    RSR Formula 3 Assetto Corsa.jpg

    Despite the occasional hiccup along the way, and the usual voices of dissent every time something happens that could potentially not be to everyone’s taste (;)) 2016 is turning out to be a golden year for us sim racing fans. Personally I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this great scene, and for me anyway, the journey just keeps getting better and better.

    I love sim racing, it really is epic. 7 months left in 2016 and I simply cannot wait to see what it brings.

    You just got to love it folks, and its only getting better!

    How do you think sim racing is developing as an industry? What do you as fans want to see during the remainder of the year? Are you happy so far in 2016? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Oh while I'm at it... sorry for the lack of news updates recently folks... my laptop has been on the blink recenty (despite it being practically brand new) so its caused me some delays.

    Never fear, I've cracked out the gaffer tape and stuck the old one together again so I'm back in action! :)
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  3. The new crop of games is fantastic! Gives all sim racers a huge choice and things are really looking up. Helps to keep the standard up as well, with all the competition around.
    The only downside to so many choices........Most of the online leagues are having a hard time finding and keeping drivers! Not everyone can become a premium member at RD to be able to race online and of course, they try out all the new sims, so at the moment, drivers are thin on the ground for the leagues that offer racing for free.
    Here's to many more great sims in the coming years. :thumbsup:
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  4. budlix

    Wheel Rotator Premium

    This will be indeed a great year and I can't wait what brings the next one.
    SIM community is growing up and getting better (which means my chance to win race is smaller and smaller :roflmao:). Current sims brings new features/stuff/ideas and newcommers will not allow them asleep, comming with their own "weapons" to fight for our attention (and wallet). What need more? Maybe a little bit of free-time...
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  5. Exciting indeed. Nice write up. :) Cant imagine how sim racing will look in 5 or 10 years from now if it keeps being improved. At some point physics will be calculated near 1:1 reality on all levels and the gfx/sound equally real. Better hurry tho cause i'm no spring chicken anymore. :roflmao: However on the way to that i'll keep enjoying myself as much as i can with the awesome stuff we have right now. :cool:

    A massive thanks to all simulaton developers who have the passion and guts to bring us these great titles!
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  6. MarcG


    Nice write up thanks Paul. I'm not one for keeping a close eye on what's happening (barely have enough time to play as it is!) so this article has helped greatly :)
  7. @Paul Jeffrey Not a single mention of R3E and its latest updates? They have transformed the sim and made it the best of the lot. ;):thumbsup:
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  8. airutonpurosuto8912


    Why is that 5-letter word "Kunos" censored?
  9. Sunny Sky Speed

    Sunny Sky Speed
    You will never see me again, it's final now. Bye Premium

    Hard core Assetto Corsa fan...always :thumbsup:. Working on my first weather mod, so intreaging and wonderful to exploid the atmospheres of AC :geek:
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  10. Keeping my eyes set straight for this new GT Legends game. I might even be up for KartKraft since I've been driving rental karts at a local track these last few weekends already.
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  11. I'd rather see the Historx mod ported to Assetto Corsa, but I bet I'll buy this game anyway. lol
    I still have to try to convert Historx to Automobilista though, and that could be incredible.

    Can't wait to see what Automobilista becomes during 2016. Definitely the most impressive title lately.:inlove:
    Hope they improve the graphics a bit, to be up to AC standards. It seems their engine can do it.
    Latest tracks look great.
    Also, I want to SEE MY HANDS when I drive. lol
    It's not 2005 anymore.:roflmao:

    AC is still my favorite and I regret that I only read about additional cars.:unsure:
    We already have COUNTLESS cars(with mods) on this game and I think they can focus now on more features, dynamic weather, improvement of dynamic road, etc.
    They're going to release Spielberg track? A modder on RD already did it and it's incredible.:unsure:
    Mazda MX5? 787? Same. They've been done and they're great already.:unsure:

    It has been said already, but Racecraft would be INCREDIBLE if it was about rally/hillclimbs.
    Can you imagine using procedural generation to make a 30km long Joux Plane-like track?:confused::inlove:

    As for Kartkraft, I'll have to see if it does anything that Automobilista doesn't do already. lol:p
    Last edited: May 10, 2016
  12. DaVeX↯


    So you finally bought AMS, very good!!

    Guys, don't forget R3E and their plan to switch to unreal engine...
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  13. Yep!
    And it pains me to admit it, but the "feeling" is even more incredible than in Assetto Corsa. lol
    Certainly the most realistic physics I've seen in a racing simulation ever, and I mean, even better than rFactor 2. (rFactor 2 still has the best A.I. I've ever seen though)
    I downloaded every track Patrick has been making for Automobilista and all of them feel incredibly good.
    I skipped GSC and GSCE but this time I'm convinced by Reiza. lol:inlove:

    I'm curious to see what R3E becomes too. I'm only avoiding it cos of their pricing plans and the fact that I can already get more or less the same content in AC. Seems to be a great game though.
    I love the videos I'm seeing on Youtube.:inlove:
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  14. AMS is great as was GSCE before it, but lets be honest here, RF2's physics are the cream of the crop. They are what all the other serious race sims aspire to. The reason RF2 requires quite a top PC setup is because of the demanding physics engine that requires so much cpu power.
    Race room has a great race club on here Lily, why don't you join us for some great fun and banter?
    Last edited: May 10, 2016
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  15. lol I'll think about it.:p
    You know what, maybe I will when they switch to Unreal engine! :laugh:
    (I don't want you to think I focus on graphics though! I still play GTR2! lol)
  16. Glaurung

    Staff Premium

    It's much more because of an heavily unoptimized graphics.
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  17. I'm (not so patiently) waiting for more info on ISI's "not rF3".
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  18. No. There is no plan.

    They are "testing out future options" and one of them is UE4. Nothing is definitive yet, and wont be anytime soon most likely.

    Of course, it is nice to hope though. ;)
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  19. Grand Turismo **cough** *cough* :whistling:
  20. DaVeX↯


    rF2 is great for physics?yeah sure but it is so cold...
    What they really need?A long (ok maybe not so long) time strategy will help them, something like this:
    - new game engine, well optimized, vulkan based (Linux support anyone?)
    - rebuild and update all their fantasy tracks and cars and release them as base content
    - release all the official tracks and cars as free DLC (marketing, just marketing, free DLC sounds better than Workshop content for a newcomer)
    - remove the wrong subscription system

    Ok, better if I stop it here, no more videogame marketing strategies and more architettural drawings for me lol
    Last edited: May 10, 2016
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