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Sim-Gear SST Shifter mod

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Mikael Hammar, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. I changed the original knob to a threaded rod and put an after market gear knob on it.


    it's a lot longer now and with length and heavier knob, the feel was better.. and worse. The original springs in the shifter is too soft for me even with the original short knob, and with this heavy thing mounted it became downright sloppy and mushy. As my handbrake thread shows I like using RC parts whenever possible because I have loads of them, and I found that the internal springs of the SST are identical in diameter as regular 1/10 scale rc springs :) I don't have any pics of the internals with the other springs in right now but I used springs from 1/10 tamiya durga dampers and it works like a charm. I want even tougher springs though so on monday I'm gonna go to our local rc shop and browse around in his spring bin ;) I'll update with internal pics with it installed later on.
  2. Very interresting...How have you put the original knob out ?
  3. There is a threaded part in the bottom of it that goes into the delrin ball, so if you take the shifter housing apart and hold the delrin ball in one hand and the shift knob in the other one, you should be able to get it out just by rotating it counter-clockwise ;)
  4. Thank-you for the info Mikael ;)