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Silverstone Circuit 2012 v1.0 [Released]

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Shaun Stroud, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Shaun Stroud

    Shaun Stroud

    Silverstone Circuit 2012 for rFactor 1.

    Hi all this is my first completed track and something I worked solidly from January to April of this year. I've put the finishing touches on the track over the last few days but it may still have a few bugs here and there so please report them in this thread and i'll look into them ASAP.

    The track was made as part of my final year project I completed at Staffordshire University and I learned so much i could probably restart the entire track and improve it but I want to concentrate on rFactor 2 now and on my Symmons Plains Project.

    I want to thank Alex Sawczuk for his advice throughout the process and the Drivers of GPVWC.com who helped me test the track, specifically Dave Carr-Smith who helped organize the tests.

    v1.0 Silverstone Circuit
    Release: June 28th 2013
    Layouts included:
    2012 British Grand Prix
    Grand Prix Layout (Track day specification)
    International Layout (Track day specification)
    National Layout (Track day specification)
    Install Notes:
    Extract to rfactor\gamedata\locations folder
    Shaun "WHAT21A" Stroud
    CTDP for use of Multiple textures
    Made as part of a project at Staffordshire University.
    Contact Information:
    Email: admin@whata-designs.com
    Website: http://www.Whata-Designs.com
    Twitter: @WHAT21A
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/What21a

    Release Links:
    Whata-designs.com Link: http://www.whata-designs.com/release/v1.0SilverstoneCircuit.zip
    GPVWC.com Link: http://www.gpvwc.com/storage/downloads/v1.0SilverstoneCircuit.zip
    Mediafire.com Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?bcjumgajc75bzuk
    dcarrsmith.com Link: http://www.dcarrsmith.com/whatadesigns/v1.0SilverstoneCircuit.zip

    Please Enjoy.
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  2. Mitchell Woodward

    Mitchell Woodward

    awesome track thanks :)
  3. Balazs Kiss

    Balazs Kiss

    nice track, thanks

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