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Silverstone 2010

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Nick Rowland, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. I heard from someone in the organization it should be the new one indeed.. I tried it, is actually not so bad... I dont like 2 corners in the new part, but, there is a fast section of the new part that is really cool to do.
  2. Theyve killed silverstone s3 with this new part
  3. Lol if you say so but from watching GT1 and Moto GP its actually improved the racing.
  4. I think there should be a poll for either old Silverstone and 2010 Silverstone as it seems everyone has their own opinion on it
  5. Its up to admins to decide imo.
  6. I was at Silverstone at the weekend for the MotoGP. Sitting at Beckets but could see right across to the new part. It's very cool the new parts especially for the bikes. Great overtaking spots and good traction will create and overtaking spot in to Brooklands after the Wellington straight.
  7. at first i thought it was bad, but with more laps, i really like the new S3... althought those 2 slow corners bleeeee, was better something faster :p

  8. Then why not go back to refuelling?
    We are trying to simulate races and follow the F1 circus as close as possible. So that goes for tracks also theres no point to go to old track cause the majority likes it.
    Unless the track isnt build for simracing its a logical step to do the old one, but if there is a new version available we should stick with it.
    Cause thats what we are doing right? Simulate F1
  9. Im not trying to start anything here was just putting my own opinion. If I remember correctly last year we didnt run Abu Dhabi as there was no good versions of it but that doesnt seem the case this time.
  10. there are 2 versions and probably more.. the one that updates the isi track looks cool, but the other one i tried is good aswell.
  11. It would be awesome to use the 2010 lay-out IMO. But the crew will decide I think ;)
  12. how about watching my little video while you are thinking about it :)

  13. Hmm track actually seems pretty good ;) By the way Kostas whats your msn?? So we can go on a public server or something :)
  14. We're going to use the 2010 layout heck yeah !

    Atleast, that's what the homepage says ;)
  15. there's the ICQ icon below my name, that's what i use when i am at work (most of the day that is). or just log on tyka :)
  16. Track's out in 20 minutes from now.
  17. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    i see youre 12 mins late :mad: lol sry had to say that cause happened to notice:D
  18. I'm so sorry. :)
    Uploading now.
  19. Someone is eager to start testing =D And has alot of spare time :p