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Tracks Silverstone 1991-1993 For AMS 2016-03-26


  1. Why the low rating on this? Going to try it anyways.
  2. lol same if a modder would release a car with just 3 instead of 4 tires... good that there preview pics so not wasting time to download and try ingame...
  3. Because AMS is where the 10 year old conversions should stop. It's just not good enough anymore. 10 year old tracks with not so good accuracy and the most Low res textures of all time does not make AMS look good and accepting mods like this just lowers the bar and shows that it's ok to make GP4 looking conversions for a game that was released in 2016.
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  4. Well if thats true about the "secrets" with the shaders etc, then I guess Patrick can do all the work? :)
    I haven't tried this track yet But a BIG thanks for the Effort and time!!!!! :)
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