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Skins Silver McLaren Honda 2016-08-26

McLaren with the Chandon logo, but in silver!

  1. nice one mate but how do i install this on my game ! thx and cheers
  2. You go into the F1 2016 folder then go asset_groups\f1_2016_vehicle_package\teams\mclaren\
  3. Looks sharp, but a tad too much like the Merc. Could you possibly do a scarlet version?
  4. Then it would look like a Ferrari :unsure:
  5. Ferrari is a very vivid, iconic shade of red. I'm thinking something darker, more intimate.

    Or if anything, just a color that is unique to the grid that isn't the ugly charcoal it currently is. Even orange would do.
  6. Ooooo, like the classic testing livery?
  7. That would work. Somebody posted an orange McLaren on here yesterday so that's done, but considering Honda's--and Japan's--official colors are red and white, I'd be curious what a white McLaren with red trim might look like.

    And no, the answer is NOT "A Haas".
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  8. can you do this kind of mc laren for 2015? :o
  9. Actually, I just noticed on the orange McLaren that was posted that there is no Chandon logo on the side. If you go orange and update the logos, I'd be thrilled to drive your creation!
  10. Can you make it in red and white colours?
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  11. I could, depends if I get time
  12. Maybe I can do :p