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Silly quick questions (3d view jump and maybe others)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by jtbo, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. As search is disabled, I could not find information about this so I thought that maybe quick small question thread would be useful.

    This is what help says:

    • Double click on track/terrain to make 3d view Jump to that location. (Top view only)
    I double click on track/terrain on top view, cpu load increses for the moment and decreases then, but 3d view is not jumping, should this work in move nodes mode or in some other mode? I get cpu load increase only in move nodes mode it seems.

    Not beta, stable version.
  2. It works in any mode, but you have to double click with the right mouse button, not the left. When I was learning the basics, I used to get a little exasperated watching the video tutorials, because sometimes I had no idea what buttons I should be pressing. Most of the things are in the help file, but the info is rather fragmented. A while ago I made list with all things in one place:
  3. Thank you from this, so it was pressing J while mouse pointer is in correct spot at top view, that makes 3d view to jump where I want. That is really useful feature when working long track and wanting to place object to some place, found that from your link, great work there! :)
  4. "J" in topview makes the 3D view centre, doubletapping "J" will centre all views to mousecursor position.

    Left doubleclick on topview moves the crosshairs to new position, crosshair is only a marker, it doesn't do anything else, as far as i know.. Some more experienced could answer, do crosshairs define origin (0,0,0) location? That could explain a small CPU load when doubleclicking left. I've anyway moved it back to origin before export so don't know..
  5. I could test this by importing one short bit of GPS data, then moving crosshair to new position and importing again, if it changes origin location, new import should happen to crosshair's location?

    Will do some test later as it sounds interesting.
  6. Thanks, that question is now solved.