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Silly question....

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Paul Minnaar, May 3, 2010.

  1. If I buy BTB Evo, will it be able to model for RBR like PRO ?
  2. no. as what I have understood.
  3. why buy something that not have support and answers from the creator?
    Im very disapointed about that
    He never said wich would be the last version living us with the promise of 0.9 version
  4. Because it's a very fine piece of software as it stands and this forum gives plenty of support :)

    Yes, I'm sure you are, but Brendon tried very hard to make BTB his income and it didn't work out. Trying to put off potential buyers of BTB because you're frustrated doesn't help at all.
  5. Im buy It
    Im waiting for 0.9 version,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,month ago
  6. The answers are here, at the Forum :)
  7. I paid for genuine support, not for log into a free formum
  8. Everybody's waiting, but even if it never happens (the 0.9), the version 8.03 is great - I still discover new things after a half year of using it :)
  9. I encourage you to find the BTB as a great source of fun and creativity.
  10. erm, you paid for the software and to get any future updates for free, which you have done. You didn't buy part of Brendon's life for evermore . . .

    Sorry, but this kind of complaint is very annoying.
  11. Howdy chaps - I did not mean to start a mini war here. I am definitely buying BTB, thats for sure, I just wanted to know which one is right for me.
    Thanks for all the replys, it seems you need PRO to do RBR, thats fine, I use Simbin games more, so I'll be buying Evo.

    Thanks again chaps