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Signed contract with Ferrari and replaced Vettel. Can I change this?

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by jajo240, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. So, after Silverstone I received an offer from Ferrari, I accepted, and immediately changed team (thought it was an offer for next season, but fine). However, I replaced Vettel, which, from my point of view, makes no sense, is there a way to make Sebastian my teammate?
  2. No Arrivabene fired him because he tried to micro-manage various elements of the team outside the car.
  3. Blue flag, blue flag!
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  4. Maybe Raikkonen has more points in your career?
  5. Nope, Seb was at 109 and Kimi around 80 (actually he is still behind after 2 more races)
  6. I assume it'll work like CM have programed it in the past. If vettel is down as number 1 driver and kimi number 2 and you get offered the role of number 1 driver you take the place of that driver. So you would replace vettel
  7. You replace the number one driver if the team you sign for has the same engine or something. e.g. Haas > Ferrari, Manor > Mercedes.
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  8. the contract mentions what driver position you are been signed on for. Driver1 or Driver 2 if you sign in as driver 1 then you replace the driver 1 of that team.