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Sign Up / Rules - FEC 2015 | Season 1

Discussion in 'PC | F1 2015 European Championship' started by Wouter van der Giessen, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. Introduction

    Welcome to the Formula One European Championship 2015 | Season 1. This is where everybody wants to race. A place for experienced drivers and less experienced drivers to race against each other. A place to share experiences and make new friends. A place where the community thrives and where we all share the same passion: Racing.

    Discover our passion for racing by browsing through the various Threads in this Forum or take a look at the previous season in the FEC 2014 Archive.

    How to join?

    If you want to sign up, make sure you are a Member of RaceDepartment and you have me added as a friend on your friend-list in Steam. If you are ready to join, you can sign up by putting the desired information in the comments below in the following format:

    Real Name / Steam ID / Car of choice

    League Rules

    + We race according to the FIA F1 2015 Sporting Regulations©.
    + Ignoring efforts from other players to talk (or solve issues) behind closed doors is something that will not be tolerated.
    + Rage quitting will be penalized. Every driver can quit by retiring during the race, followed by exiting the lobby and explaining the reason of quitting in the race thread for the particular track.
    + Race incidents must be reported. Video recording is highly adviced.

    Disconnections and Restarts

    + If a disconnection occurs in the first 5 minutes of Qualifying, a new lobby will be made.
    + If a disconnection occurs in the middle of Qualifying a new lobby will be made, but OSQ (one-shot Qualifying) will be used and Parc Fermé will be set to "off".
    + If a disconnection occurs while loading the race, the host will make a new "Race only" lobby. The first lap of the race will be a warm-up lap where everyone will take positions as they had in Qualifying. The race starts on lap 2 with no overtaking before lap 2 has started. Rules will be set to "off" to avoid unnecessary penalties.
    + A maximum of 1 restart is allowed.

    Race Settings

    Participation: Qualification and Race
    Race Distance: 50%
    Car Assignment: User choice
    Weather Setting: Dynamic

    Rules and Flags: Realistic
    Tyre Wear: On
    Fuel Load Simulation: On
    Car Damage: On
    Car Performance: Equal cars
    Collisions: Full
    Parc Fermé Rules: On


    Braking Assist: Banned
    ABS: Banned
    Steering Assist: Banned
    Traction Control: Banned
    Dynamic Racing Line: Banned
    Gearbox: Allowed
    Pit Assists: Manual


    Wednesday 20.30 GMT / 21.30 CET
    Sunday 20.30 GMT / 21.30 CET

    *Circuits and dates to be disclosed*

    Drivers / Teams

    1. @DwAyNeB8z / STEAM_0:0:50356314 / Ferrari
    2. @Wouter van der Giessen / STEAM_0:0:39593196 / Williams
    3. @guru26 / STEAM_0:0:39689193 / Ferrari
    4. @Mateusz Najda / STEAM_0:1:25357545 / McLaren Honda
    5. @Henri Sinik / STEAM_0:1:25818084 / Torro Rosso
    6. @Wouter Exel / STEAM_0:0:54706887/ Torro Rosso
    7. @Jochan Liesert / STEAM_0:1:16195506 / Williams
    8. @Evan Spall / STEAM_0:1:15992834 / McLaren Honda
    9. @Indrek Maeots / STEAM_0:0:133633118/Mercedes
    10. @Mark de Boer / STEAM_0:1:27122681 / Sauber F1 Team
    11. @William Moody / Steam frugame / Mercedes
    12. @Iain McKenzie / STEAM_0:1:47643103 / Sahara Force India
    13. @xVoltaF1 / STEAM_0:0:73455516 / Red Bull
    14. @DutchiZero / STEAM_0:0:18667637 / Sauber F1 Team
    15. @David Greco / hermes80 / Sahara Force India
    16. @Heiki Kaeit / R777R / Red Bull


    1. @ari12345 / ari123454 / ?
    2. @Roy Sutton / CavalierRoy / Reserve

    FEC 2015 Championship Standings

    Click this link to go directly to the FEC 2015 Standings Thread.
  2. Dan Bates / STEAM_0:0:50356314 / Ferrari
  3. doug locke / STEAM_0:0:39689193 / Ferrari
  4. Mateusz Najda / STEAM_0:1:25357545 / McLaren Honda
  5. Henri Sinik / STEAM_0:1:25818084 / Torro Rosso
  6. Wouter Exel / STEAM_0:0:54706887/ Torro Rosso
  7. Jas Verstoppen

    Jas Verstoppen
    DNA Racing Premium Member

    Jochan Liesert / STEAM_0:1:16195506 / Williams
  8. SK

    Prince with a thousand enemies. Premium Member

    Evan Spall / STEAM_0:1:15992834 / McLaren Honda

    Are you accepting non-eurpoean entrants?
  9. Indrek Maeots/STEAM_0:0:133633118/Mercedes
  10. Mark de Boer / STEAM_0:1:27122681 / Sauber F1 Team
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2015
  11. William Moody / Steam frugame / Mercedes
  12. Iain McKenzie / STEAM_0:1:47643103 / Sahara Force India
  13. Luca Carbone / STEAM_0:0:73455516 / Red Bull
  14. Donny Klein / STEAM_0:0:18667637 / Sauber F1 Team
  15. whats with this steam codes?
  16. Well @William Moody , with SteamID I originally meant your normal Steam Account Name. However, somebody signed up with that code and then another one. I didn't even knew something like SteamID even existed :rolleyes:. So, I just stuck to it. I can always change it back to normal Steam Account Name to make it easier to add the guys from the league to your Steam Account.

    League is almost full and a few reserve spots are still open. I guess we can poll about the starting date of the league shortly.
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  17. ME Please, David Greco, Sahara Force India, no idea what steamid code is, but steam account name is hermes80
  18. PSN: jrantala1
    My car: Ferrari
  19. Sorry. This is PC. :)
  20. Heiki Kaeit / R 777R / Red Bull?