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Misc Showroom "Industrial Sunset" 1.0

Awesome 10K Sunset Showroom

  1. chargingcar submitted a new resource:

    AC Showroom , Indsutrial Sunset - Awesome 10K Sunset Showroom

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  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    That looks fantastic. Didn't even know these scenes are also mod-able.
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  3. dont work for me..."track not found"...the other one (greenfield) works and looks really nice, but this??? please help, thanks
  4. Did you follow the instructions place the folder inside
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\showroom
    Not inside documents works fine for me ,,,:thumbsup:
  5. Thanks Took some working out , I Had Loads of Showroom Pictures I thought that I could use but most are copyrighted so got some more help , By Stereo , The Script took a Couple of attempts to get right and the Mod to achieve the Correct look took more than ten attempts to get the correct Size , But with HDR Profiles you have to be Careful due to strict Copyright issues ,
    The "GreenFields" I got from the Same place as Kunos got there "industrial" From and took a Couple of hours to Find , And the Showroom Sunset , I Had to Buy and then Noticed that Some HDRi Profiles Have a lot of Different settings,
    The industrial Sunset as longitude and latitude , Settings but to Get it Perfect without warping issues these settings need to be Changed with HDR-Pro which is expensive and I do not have right now , So can not Slightly Warp the Picture but Still looks Awesome on About 80% of the Shots Which is Just ok I think , :thumbsup:
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  6. Awesome, thanks!
  7. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    I think I've tried to help you on quite a few occasions, so to say you've never recieved any help before, well that isn't strictly true. Doesn't sit too well with me that comment really. Last time was only recently when I explained how to use your aquired python script, which no one else seemed to be bothered to explain. But hey ho, each to their own I suppose.
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  8. You Have Helped out m8 , I mean With Something like Asking for Help With Scripts or Asking People to Help with Certain things on Formula 1 , I have never had anyone acually Come back and help me with these things at all ,
    You on the Other Hand have helped me So much and I really appreciate all the Help and Support that you have Given to me :thumbsup:

    I Think you was you who recommended Some Guys on RD To help me with the F1 DataBase I asked the Top 3 Database people on RD And sent them each a separate message for them to Help and not one person even replied thats what I was referring too I should have read the Message back before sending it m8 Sorry About that :notworthy:

  9. What do you know about HDR \ HDRi Profiles I was watching some videos last night on Utube and Found that I needed HDR-Pro to Change the spherical Properties of the Picture I bought Which as settings on the longitude and latitude which is worked out to about 8000x4000 in proportions ,
    But need to change the longitude and latitude settings to slighly Warp the picture as loads of different HDRi I do not understand and can not really afford to spend that kind of money on HDR-Pro just for showrooms , Do you know any way that we could change the settings without using HDR-Pro? You are always the person I end up getting the information from :thumbsup:
  10. Lotus Type49 HDR Wallpaper :thumbsup:
    type49 lotus wallpaper.jpg
  11. Ferrari HDR Wallpaper :thumbsup:
  12. ZondaR HDRi Sky Wallpaper:thumbsup: 2013-11-30_00006.jpg
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  13. ZondaR HDRi Sky Wallpaper#2:thumbsup:
  14. Hi Guys if you like these Wallpapers or the 2 ZondaR Wallpaper let me Know but the HDRi Sky is 15000x7500 So you would need a Decent PC , But Might Upload them:thumbsup:
  15. hey, thanks for the quick response,...yep, i put it in the showroom folder, i tried it a second time with a new name but nothing happenend. Is it bigger then the 'greenfiled'? maybe my pc isn't good enough,hmmmm????...but i dont believe it, my specs are - i5 2500k (3,3ghz) - 8gb ram and a Gforce 660ti
  16. That should be more than Enough I watch a lot of Reviews and Graphics Card Comparisons and I just watched on Linus Tech or Tech of Tomorrow That 2 660Ti Sli is Probably one of the Best Setups to have for Gaming as Running 660Ti Sli you get the Most Performance from along with i5-4670K / i7-4770k i Would Prefer to Have 2 780Ti Sli but expensive at half the Price :thumbsup:
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  17. good news for me, time will come for a second one ;)...hope your next showroom will work for me again, thank you for your awesome work, looks amazing. cheers
  18. had same issue, when i extracted it had a folder in a folder , worked when I took it out n placed it in showroom folder
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  19. yeah, thanks paul now it works fine :thumbsup:
  20. What seems to be the issues Guys?
    Just place the Folder inside the showrooms folder thats it .:thumbsup: