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Misc Showroom "GreenField" 1.0

Awesome 8192HDR Showroom!!!

  1. chargingcar submitted a new resource:

    AC Showroom "GreenField" - Awesome 8192HDR Showroom!!!

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  2. p4-5_2011 Wallpaper :thumbsup:
    acShowroom 30-11-2013 01-33-05-387.jpg
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  3. wow your a genius;)
  4. its looks spectacular
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2013
  5. Thanks took a lot of working out not just on my side as well the script was not easy to make either theres some really talented guys on RD :thumbsup:
  6. Just one thing that bugs me... What exactly would a Zonda R be doing on a forest meadow? :D
  7. Theres 100,s in Forest Meadows where do you think the rich people live in Council estates lol ;)
  8. Amazing!
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  9. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Looking for Buttercups? :)
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  10. Bram , Do you know on AC When I first got the Game it would not Load to track ,
    Since yesterday it keeps doing it I can not play on the Game and have done a Fresh install 5 Times what was the issue I solved it last time but have forgot how ?
  11. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Ummm ..... quoting me doesn't get you Bram :D

    You need to tag @Bram Hengeveld :thumbsup:
  12. Sorry Graham is was you I was asking the Question it was Bram I was just looking at before I asked it Sorry :thumbsup:
  13. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I haven't really got a clue, I would have to search the Assetto forums, perhaps in their 'workarounds' thread.


    You said that you re-installed multiple times, but did you delete (or remove to another location as backup) the Assetto Corsa folder from your Documents folder?

    I would assume that many config files are in there, and if something is corrupted in there, it doesn't matter how many times you install the main game files.

    Replays and setups are also in that folder, so you could copy some stuff back if you wanted, after the game is working (if you made a backup)
  14. I Deleted Everything in all locations Each time and then I Just reinstalled it again and I Have had to Flash my wheel again each time I tried to set it up the game kept crashing it seems to be ok now , But it seemed ok last night as well for 20 Minutes Thanks:thumbsup: